All you need to know about MBA Networking

An MBA student has a plethora of effective tools & methods by which he can get the most out of your time studying for your own MBA program, most important of which is networking  with his peers and professors

  1. What is MBA Networking?
  2. What are the advantages of Networking?
  3. When should I start Networking? 
  4. How can I build an effective network?

Studying for an MBA degree the experience at most Business Schools is pleasurable and a great chance to learn more, develop your knowledge in the field of business & explore new and existing career paths all promising career success and advancing your career goals. To however truly achieve all of these aforementioned benefits you are in need of a strong, diverse & cooperative professional network

1) What is MBA Networking?

First things first let’s start off by what exactly is MBA networking and is there any difference between it and non-MBA networking?. MBA networking is basically the process by which individuals forge and create links between individuals for the same reason or for a specific goal. That common goal could be expanding your network, sharing information & knowledge, this relationship needs to be mutually beneficial for them to succeed.

2) What are the benefits of MBA Networking?

Now that you are familiar with what MBA networking is, among the many skills you’re gonna need to stand out and distinguish yourself from your fellow students in your MBA class. Key among these skills is your networking abilities. Here are some of the benefits you can seek to get from building a Network of professional and industry colleagues.

  • Many networking opportunities can easily result in some very interesting career opportunities. According to the data from a  survey carried out by Linkedin, almost 85% of jobs are filled via networking connections
  • Exchanging and gaining new knowledge, being in the midst of people from various industries and of different experience levels, and exchanging information & and knowledge in many network events shall prove indispensable
  • Increases your chances of getting noticed, aside from being a great academic plus networking, engaging in face to face conversations as it will make you more well known as a great personal branding tool a great way to attract employers towards you.
  • Increasing & enlarging your network as in reality you are not just establishing a relationship with your contacts but their contacts in return which multiplies your chances of connecting and getting in touch with truly amazing individuals

Don’t take our word for it, however, consider the feedback and praise provided concerning alumni networking, many of which are MBA graduates such as Luisa Rouillard, the co-founder of the virtual reality start-up, The Virtual Lab & HEC Paris MBA alumna Anne Charlotte vuccino.

3) When should I start networking?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of networking it’s time we alter our attention to a different matter which is when should you start networking with your colleagues & Doctors. The answer is that you should start your networking efforts well before the admission date. Connecting yourself to the Alumni of the business school of your choice might prove extremely beneficial if determining whether that school is the right one for you or not 

Moreover, the connections that you can form during your time studying for your MBA might prove extremely beneficial as it is not unlikely that you would find your future business partner among your colleges and the remaining students of your classroom and with the rise of social media staying in touch is now much easier than before.  

Good and respected business schools java career offices that can point you towards the contact details of their alumni whom you can further understand thee, persons, professional journey and the career output of his labor even sometimes offering you the chance to shadow them while they are at work. 

If your choice of connection would be an E-Mail then make sure to make it brief and cordial and instead of attaching your personal cv tell more about yourself, why your getting in touch, and your main objective. 

Last but not least business schools may actually hold their very own MBA networking events and it would be well worth your while to consider the dates and timings of such gatherings and consider how they may prove beneficial for yourself. 

4) How can I build an effective network?

To build a truly effective network you would be wise to consider all the previous points, but to put it in more specified and summarised points, here are the main points you should be seeking to achieve

  • Start your own networking group, one of the best ways to meet similar individuals and those of similar mind is to establish your own networking group and utilizing apps and tools such as & EvenBrite and gather those of similar interest in the same topic and start hosting schedule discussion meetings
  • Use social networks and remain in touch, one of the blessings of the modern world is the many tools under our disposal not just to stay in touch but to meet new and exciting people 
  • Focus on the right people, make sure that your network is filled with individuals that will benefit and are most likely to have a positive impact on your career. 
  • Gift before you receive, Another thinking is to give assistance before asking for it, so many people enter into communications with others while networking expecting to be asked a favor, and few expect to receive one straight away
  • Become a conector, you dont need to add a new connection with every verbal interaction you embark upon or outreach message you send, sometimes its equally advantageous that you connect two parties of mutual needs making you a connector and a reference point for those in need of aid,  


Whether this article has helped you realize the importance of Networking during your MBA studies or Networking in general there is not doubt that communicating and building relations with others if is a must in the age we live in. We hope this article has been beneficial for you and be sure to check our other interesting articles

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