DBA Dual Award with VERN' University

DBA Dual-Award with VERN’ University

DBA, is a 18 months part-time program for senior managers and business leaders interested in acquiring a degree in business and management. Whether it’s for a personal interest in furthering your business practices expertise in a certain area, to launch your career as a professor of practice, or as a part of your life-long learning challenge, the DBA program whether online DBA program or in campus will facilitate and help you develop a deeper understanding of the way of applying rigorous and relevant research to concrete managerial problems.

DBA Modules

The key asset of our DBA program is our world-class faculty consisting of internationally recognized scholars involved in shaping the evolution of educational, academic, and managerial thinking.

In addition, our faculty members have a substantial understanding of business and managerial practices in several fields derived too from years of “hands-on” experience supporting and consulting for international global businesses.

Advanced Accounting and Finance
Organizational Leadership
Research Philosophy
Research Methodology
Advanced statistics

DBA Majors

1- Accounting and Finance
2- Entrepreneurship and Innovation
3- Human Resource Management
4- International Business Management
5- Logistic and Supply chain Management
6- Project Management
7- Quality Management
8- Risk Management
9- Strategic Marketing

DBA Benefits: Why study a Doctor of Business Administration?

The part-time Doctor of Business Administration nature of the program will help facilitate the pursuit of the degree while taking into consideration the time demands and professional practices engagements of participants

  • Opportunity to explore your bigger business interests and passions
  • You’ll be earning an advanced degree that’s not purely academic
  • You’ll be earning an advanced degree that’s not purely academic
  • Better career opportunities at an executive level
  • A DBA will help you stand out from the crowd

How much an DBA cost?

All payments must be made within the set deadlines.
Deferred Payment
The payment could be done over installments
Study time duration
18 months

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