A brief of the Most Popular MBA courses & Specializations

One of the great things about the modern world we live in today is how much information we have around us and how accessible it is. That does however mean that there’s more data to process and more options to consider especially when it comes to postgraduate studies like MBAs & DBAs.

On the Subject of postgraduate studies, one of the most sought out post-graduate degrees in today’s current job market would be the MBA or masters in business administration. One of the most coveted and sought out degrees by entry.managerial & executive positions. 

Once you’ve decided on getting your master degree in the field of business administration it will be time to choose what specialization you will be going for.

 understanding the gravity of this decision on your future we decided to provide you with a brief about all the MBA courses & specializations you’re likely to find in most if not all MBA programs of an MBA, allowing you to make the best decision possible when choosing the type of MBA degree.

1) MBA in Finance

An MBA in finance is one of the most popular specializations out there. It seems to be particularly common amongst those who have a passion for math, money markets, tradings and the general movement of money through the economy & how to create wealth

  • Curriculum

So basically if you’re into numbers, budget and have a good eye for details, Getting an MBA in finance might be your next big move. In terms of courses the Financial Specialization usually focuses on all that is Finance related, so expect the following subjects to be in your curriculum

  • Fund Management
  • Investments, Fundraising
  • Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Budgeting
  • Investment Analysis
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

In terms of Job Oppurtunities & Salaries, the financial specialization is one of the well paying and makes you eligible for a wide variety of interesting position. 

The reason why this specialization constitutes a great option is that almost every entity in the world needs to have or do its finance plus its a rapidly evolving field, here are some of the positions where MBA holders in finance are preferred & their respective salaries:

  • Financial advisor / 58,8000$ annualy
  • Accounting Manager  / 71, 200$ annualy
  • Chief Financial Officer / 132,800$ annualy

Last but not least similar to all MBA degrees, it will take you anywhere from 1 year to 2 years to get your masters in finance but it will surely be worth it.

2) MBA in General Management 

One of the other very popular MBA specializations is that of general management, this specialization mainly focuses on endowing its students with a set of Managerial & administrative positions/

  • curriculum

 some of the most common subjects you bound to  stumble into while studying for your masters in Masters in general management

  • Risk management
  • Professional development
  • Business analytics
  • Project & Quality Management
  • Economics for Managers
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries:

As for job opportunities, the MBA allows you to fill a wide range of managerial and administrative positions across a wide range of industries, fields, and corporations Here are some of the most popular positions among MBA holders and their salaries.

  • Business Development Manager / 72,100$ annuay
  • Real Estate Manager /  77, 100 annualy
  • Risk Management Manager / 94,100$ annualy

3) MBA in Marketing

This specialization is a great choice for those of you out there who are interested in occupying managerial or administrative marketing positions and have a passion for all that is marketing this is the one for you

  •  curriculum

When choosing this specialization some of your typical subjects are bound to and most likely will include the following. 

  • Branding
  • Advertising Management
  • Product Development
  • Digital Marketing


  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

Al the above subjects will allow you to occupy a wide range and spectrum of marketing positions, all with gratifying pay. Here’s an example of some of the positions you can fill 

Marketing Research Director / 79,000$ annualy

Director of Sales / 90,950$ annually

Marketing Manager / 64,850$ annualy

4) MBA in Human Resource Management

Human resources specialists & other positions in this high on-demand field are constantly on demand and earning yourself a masters degree in human resources is one of the ways to join their ranks

  •  curriculum

The idea of the MBA in human resource management is that it elevates your knowledge about Human resources by adding aspects of business understanding, administration & strategy. Therefore its highly likely that you have these subjects

  • Managerial Finance
  • Business Law
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Negotiation
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

Now let’s talk job oppurtunities and don’t worry they are many and all worth the efforts. Tt highlight this point here are some of the most interesting positions where holders in a master marketing are sought out for.

  • Market Research Director / 64,850$ annualy
  • Director of Sales / 90,950$ annualy
  • Market Research Director / 79,000$ annualy

Unleash your potential and enhance your portfolio with a certefied Masters degree in business administration for 2,500$

5) MBA in Technology management

This specialization is great for someone who is extremely passionate about modern technology and has a good enough grasp on the future of them, its uses & potential impact & risks. 

  •  curriculum

The subjects and topics that you will be exposed to in this specialization are a balanced mix of business & management related courses and technology-related courses such as 

  • Research and Development
  • Technology Management
  • Professional Communications
  • Manufacturer strategy 
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

Once your done with your studies and have your master in hand, you’ll get the chance to pick from ana array of exciting and fulfilling jobs some of which are:

  • Product Development Manager / 81,400$ annualy
  • Chiet Technology Officer / 159, 600$ annualy
  • Informaton Technology Consultant / 78,700$ annualy 

6) MBA in Global Management

Otherwise known as an Internationa Management MBA,  This is another very popular member of the MBA specializations family.

 The main objective  of this specialization is to provide its students with an understanding of the different world cultures & the methodology by which international bodies & Organizations adapt to diffrent countries & Markets

  •  curriculum

Alongside the standard business administration classes, you can expect these subjects to appear in your schedule for the week, among others. 

  • Global Management 
  • Tax Framework
  • Business Analytics
  • International Legal
  • Global Economics
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

Your now a holder of a masters degree in, congrats, but what about what career paths lay in front of you? Don’t worry there all not just extremely interesting but equally lucrative, here are some examples. 

  • National Sales Manager / 83,000$ annualy
  • Marketing Manager / 64,850$ annualy
  • Senior Business Analyst / 84,600 annually

7) MBA in Engineering Management

This specialization might fall somewhat into the niche category of specializations as it combines not Engineering with the standers managerial skills endowed by the Managerial and business aspect of it

  •  curriculum

The objective of the specialization is to teach its students on how to make better business decisions while considering the engineering aspect, concepts & Practices. Therefore expect to find these subjects when you start the course.

  • Experience Design
  • System Lifecycles
  • Product Development 
  • Manufacturing & Measurement Methods
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

As for the job market it’s thriving and filled with high paying opportunities some of which are: 

  • Engineering consultant /  79,500$ annualy
  • Project Engineer / 68,500$ annualy
  • Engineering Product Manager / 92,300$ annualy

8) MBA in Operations Mnagememnt

The operation management specialization is all about enhancing its student’s analytical skills through teaching him how to use mathematical systems & mods. This in turn allows them to increase product & services quality and reducing production cost.

  • curriculum

Alongside the standard MBA, subjects there is a high chance that you might encounter these subjects as you navigate the specialization.

  • Analysis & Interpretation
  • Operations Strategy
  • Data Logistics
  • Business Analytics
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

Same as most all the specializations we mentioned before the job opportunities it provides are many and all worth it, some of which are

  • Supply Chain Analyst / 59,900$ annually
  • Supply chain manager / 82,200$ annually
  • Operations Manager / 64,700$ anually

9) MBA in Enterprenership

Admittedly, this specialization isn’t for everyone, its for those who seek to open their own business or project or take the reigns of a family business, in short, its for future & Current entrepreneurs. 

  • curriculum

Aside from the general business courses, you will be receiving, you will probably be attending classes in the following subjects.

  • Business Innovation
  • Generating startup ideas
  • Venture Feasibility
  • Resource Management
  • Job Opportunities & Salaries

Last but not least, this specialization aside of giving you the chance and the tools you need to open your own business it allows you to assume the following positions

  • Senior Product Manager / 123,600$ annually
  • Management Consultant / 87,200$ annually
  • Chief Executive Officeer / 156,900$ annualy

So those were some of the Most sought out specializations and a short brief about what type of subjects & the potential employment options down the road. 

As for your decision on which one to choose you to need to ask yourself a couple of questions, such as do i have the budget for it, do i want to just study or work and study, how will this MBA benefit my career goals and is there anything else that’s more beneficial. The important thing is to choose something you like and that will benefit you financially & career-wise

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