Best MBA for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers often choose to specialize within their area. However, more and more people are seeking training focused on business management through an MBA.

Professionals dedicated to any of the categories that make up the branches of engineering (mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, and geotechnical) have profiles with high employability and salary ranges. Their technical knowledge and their ability to devise and develop technology that has served to progress and provide solutions to the needs of human beings make them fundamental pieces of the productive machinery of the economy. 

If you have studied engineering and want to prepare to take on executive roles, in this article we will talk about some options and MBA masters for engineers who want to take “a step-forward” in their professional career.

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What does an MBA program provide for a mechanical engineer?

An online MBA program like IBAS allows its students to gain in-depth knowledge of all the functional areas of the company (finance, marketing, human resources, etc.), developing the competencies and skills necessary to lead a company, whether as an employee or to start a project. Furthermore, the methodology of this postgraduate degree, with live online classes, a personal tutor, and different teaching resources to complement learning, allows its students to combine their professional and personal lives.

As we indicated before, the changes that the world economy has experienced in recent years, creating an increasingly competitive environment in areas such as engineering, have made it necessary for professionals in this sector to add business management tools and business vision to their technical knowledge to boost your employability and salary improvement.


Let us remember that an MBA master’s degree can be taken at the end of undergraduate university studies or as a bid to enrich knowledge after accumulating a few years of experience, breaking down the barrier to a promotion that those who occupy technical positions within a company often encounter.  

In short, engineers can not only access MBA programs, but this type of postgraduate degree is a safe bet to take a firm step in their career.

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What do mechanical engineers look for in MBA?

  1. Team management 
  2. Leadership 
  3. Financial knowledge 


As we have already mentioned, the profile of the engineer who wants to study an MBA is very oriented towards team management, leadership, skills, and even financial knowledge to be able to see the evolution of the projects in which they are involved or for future entrepreneurial plans.

It is easy to understand this situation due to the current way of work and production of companies. Teamwork is essential to develop some functions at a business level, if you do not innately have certain skills, it is normal that work is required. For example:

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  • Team management: 

It is essential to know how to manage a team and work according to its capabilities. That is why in work teams where several engineers work on different parts of the project, the person in charge must be able to direct efforts and time to each task to maintain motivation, and productivity and achieve good results.

  • Leadership: 

Closely related to the previous point, it is essential to develop and learn leadership techniques. The objective of a leader is not to command, but to be an example and a conflict solver, beyond the technical problems of the project.

  • Financial knowledge:

 If you wonder why an engineer would want to have financial knowledge, the answer is simple. As project leaders, they must be able to understand and value the team’s productivity and the economic cost per worker and hours invested to be able to value projects and prepare proposals and solutions for their clients. Furthermore, this financial knowledge is of great help to all those who decide to start their project and undertake business.


These points are some of the concepts that mechanical engineers can learn in an MBA, among a large list of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Furthermore, taking into account the university studies completed and the possible specializations in their area of engineering, an engineer is capable of completing an MBA with ease, taking great advantage of it.

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What is MBA in Engineering Management?

While some people could be used to do great work for an engineering company, managers must have the ability to influence good work. Earning an MBA in Engineering Management can give you the tools you need to be successful in leading others in your engineering department.

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  • This degree aims to prepare graduates for senior management positions in the manufacturing or engineering industry. Although it focuses on basic concepts related to business and management, students also examine manufacturing strategies, supply chain management and technology. Programs can last one to two years, and many require a project to be completed before graduation.


  • Earning your MBA degree in engineering management is a great way to propel yourself into a higher-paying career. Many of the courses can be completed online, which also makes these types of programs appealing to mid-career students.


  • Taking an MBA in Engineering Management is a good idea for those starting out in business or for those already established in their careers. Most graduates of such a program end up working as managers of engineering companies, earning after their studies and plenty of work experience. The education gained in obtaining such a degree allows graduates to fit into any number of senior positions in all types of companies.


  • In many cases, to apply to such an MBA program, prospective students simply need to apply online. You may need to have earned a bachelor’s degree or have relevant work experience to be accepted into some programs. For more information, search for the program below and contact the admission office of the school of your choice directly by filling out the lead form.


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Traditionally, these types of profiles continued to develop in their branch of engineering and grow in their knowledge. However, due to the evolution of the professional market and large companies with large multidisciplinary teams, we increasingly see more profiles of engineers managing large teams and large projects.


Due to this situation, many engineers decided to study MBA to complete their resumes and teach them management and financial knowledge that helps them in management, billing, and direction of teams and/or companies.


Furthermore, if the engineer profile was in high demand, large companies now hire engineers with MBAs. Thanks to this, the opportunities within the company are greater and the salary is also rewarded.

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Which MBA is best for mechanical engineers?

Precision, efficiency, and reliability are qualities required of an engineer. The MBA in Engineering Management study program supports you in developing new engineering knowledge. After graduation, you will understand the problems at a high level and be able to solve them with your excellent business knowledge, opening up a wide range of possibilities in your career choice.


1- MBA in Strategic Management

This MBA program provides broad and intense knowledge of this specialization in various business disciplines. Mechanical engineers are prepared for executive-level work to strategize and measure success rates. It helps them make management decisions and effectively implement and improve the overall performance of the organization.


The strategy specialization is an in-demand MBA degree specialization. It is widely transferable and applicable in almost all sectors. Provides a competitive benefit in the labor market.  


2- MBA in Project Management

An MBA course in project management helps mechanical engineers learn the basics of critical project planning and structure a reliable project schedule. Apart from planning, they also know execution, launching the project, and handling multiple projects smoothly. The business environment demands explicit planning and multitasking skills.


This MBA degree specialization helps graduates learn about the various processes involved in project management. The quality of the project compliance with the requirements and completion within the stipulated time frame are also essential. It’s a valuable skill set for any business.  

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3- MBA in Finance

Money is a vital element of every organization to execute its operations. Cost is involved in every activity and time invested in the operation of the organization. Therefore, managing money matters is imperative. It includes studies in economics, statistics, finance, strategy, leadership, and marketing aspects.  


4- MBA in Marketing

Marketing is allied with almost all products or services in the industry. The main objective of any business is to reach its services to the right target audience in a market. For this, marketing knowledge is vital. This professional marketing degree incorporates marketing tactics such as relationship-building skills, sales promotions, consumer and market trends, marketing strategies, and public relations.


Like finance, marketing is also a universal MBA degree specialization option. It is a creative opportunity to influence marketing in the success of any business. It is not just about promoting sales, but also about creating brand image and customer experiences. It helps understand the product or service and uses data analysis to propose forecasts and track market trends.

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Their technical training allows engineering graduates to deploy their professional work in areas ranging from mineral extraction and electricity generation to the planning and construction of infrastructure or the study of raw materials for food. That is why, when choosing a postgraduate degree to complement their university studies, the most frequent options have traditionally been those that have allowed them to specialize in one of the subjects in their branch of knowledge.

However, the labor market has changed and companies demand multidisciplinary profiles that provide both technical and business management knowledge to the team. For this reason, there are more and more engineering graduates who are inclined to pursue a master’s program in Business Administration or Master of Business Administration (MBA) to take a qualitative step toward positions of responsibility in companies of any kind. Productive sector or even to start a personal project.

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