What is the meaning of DBA degree?

The doctorate combines advanced management theory and practice modules with training in the methodologies and techniques necessary to carry out research in the business and management field.

Throughout the DBA, you will cover essential business research and management concepts, including administrative and management theories, research and business models, as well as research methods. Additionally, he will learn to apply management research techniques and concepts to writing a business-related thesis.

doctorate in business administration (DBA) tends to be designed for experienced executives who have earned their MBA and are interested in working in C-suite roles, such as Executive Director. You can also earn a doctorate in business, which prepares you for academic work that involves conducting research or teaching.

DBA degree meaning

DBA “Doctor of Business Administration” is a postgraduate degree offered by a business school or college. 

DBA programs are research-based and equip candidates with the skills they will need to succeed in a high-level academic or business consulting career.

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Why you should get DBA degree?

DBA students use their thesis to introduce new ideas to the field of Business Administration. 

The program based on practical understanding and independent research can effectively complete students’ theoretical knowledge.

If you want to advance your career and become a recognized expert in your industry, a doctorate in management is a solid option. Entrepreneurs can launch their own companies with confidence, and workers will drive them forward.

Who chooses DBA?  

DBA programs allow students to acquire a graduate degree in business administration while students continue with their work day. The topic of the dissertation is the student’s area of research, which is selected by the student himself. The program consists of six semesters, but the course can be shortened due to prior preparation of the dissertation, or it can also be lengthened, as it is more comfortable for the student.

This system is favorable for students outside the European Union because the long and difficult visa procedure and residence permit are not necessary for the course. The defense of the thesis is possible with the general entry permit.

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Achievable Competencies Of DBA:

  • Due to the practical and professional orientation of the curriculum, students will not only have and acquire learning outcomes, they will also be able to work individually, make decisions, and think on a larger scale,
  • Students will be able to use their basic knowledge in practical situations, plan, organize, and manage work processes in national or international business environments, and will be able to manage people or groups,
  • Students will be able to manage business processes, analyze, report, and evaluate, and will be able to work individually or in groups.
  • Trainees will be able to recognize business problems and make decisions, obtain and analyze information to solve them,
  • Students will be able to recognize and resolve strategic issues,
  • The trainees will know the operation and development processes, the communication rules and practices of business life,
  • Students will be aware of the literature, and they will be able to use their knowledge in practical situations.


General Entry Requirements for DBA:

  • Master’s degree in any area of study (minimum bachelor’s degree in Economic Studies) and
  • 5 years “minimum” of professional experience  
  • Knowledge of English at the minimum intermediate level (B2).

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Different majors of DBA programs: 


  • Research methodology
  • Management Economics
  • Marketing Management for Managers
  • Management information and supporting decision-making methods
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Human Resources Management Systems
  • Strategic and changing management
  • Corporate Finance for Managers
  • Management control
  • Corporate Funds and Money Markets
  • Organization and Management of Transnational Companies
  • Business aspects of regional development
  • Organizational behavior
  • Create value processes
  • Development of Management Competencies
  • Strategic Case Studies
  • Conference Strategies

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Online DBA Programs

DBA Programs in IBAS and VERN aim to meet the needs of its students during BSc and MSc programs, and during DBA courses as well. Based on the distance learning system, students do not have to participate in courses, do not have to take exams during the semester, and do not have to publish or participate in conferences. Online DBA programs make it possible for students to work toward a DBA degree anytime, anywhere.  

The language of the program is English, to support students’ international relations.


What’s taught in a DBA program? 

The DBA course is a generalist program, consisting of all major areas of business. The course has been designed to develop graduates who can evolve the professional approach to a business life cycle and development, who can apply decision-making techniques, to work in an international business environment, and who can manage human resources and the general activities of organizations and companies. The course focuses on the development of students’ careers, supporting the position of students in management positions.

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Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is offered by the best business schools around the world, among which are our IBAS and VERN.

Remember, this distance learning program is student-centered and should serve to meet her needs. The DBA title increases recognition from your clients and competitors.

If you wish to be one of our students, do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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