8 Types of MBA Specializations You Can Study

Given the importance of training in professional growth, studying MBA Master’s degree has become a priority in the business context.

If you are considering studying Master’s Degree in Business Management ‘MBA” to grow professionally, but you doubt whether study a traditional MBA or a specialized MBA in this article we explain which specializations are most chosen and the reasons for doing so.

There are many options to study an MBA with a double degree. However, it is essential to decide by analyzing which master’s degree may be most suitable for you based on your previous studies, work experience, and, especially, the expectations you have about your professional future. 

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Different Types of MBA “General MBA VS Specialized MBA”

  •  General MBA trains you to perform functions in intermediate and/or management positions in an organization. Learning in a Master’s in Business Administration is focused on mastering business fundamentals such as leadership, communication, strategic planning, and analysis. Generally, the curriculum is divided into knowledge of subjects such as marketing, finance, ethics, economics, human resource management, and operations. In parallel, to the study of the MBA subjects, students during an MBA course carry out a business plan or business creation project in which they put into practice what they have learned.


  •  Specialized MBA is also a Master in Business Management, but unlike a traditional MBA, it is focused on. The most common specializations are in entrepreneurship, industrial engineering, or human resources, but without stopping studying areas such as marketing, strategy, operations, or corporate finance. deeper level learning of a specific business area or sector


Studying an MBA with a specialty is the starting point to direct your career toward a specific professional area. 

While a traditional MBA is focused on the global training of management activity in each area of a company in any sector or industry. For this reason, it is important to be clear about your professional objectives and interests to determine which is the best Master MBA specialization.


Specialized MBAs emerged to cover the labor market’s need for positions filled by qualified professionals with specific skills in business management and direction in a specific professional sector. Students learn business management techniques based on the characteristics of the sector to detect areas for business improvement.

8 Best Types of MBA Specializations

Below, you will find some of the best specialized MBA programs so you can assess which one is most suitable for you. They are taught in Business Schools and Universities in order to provide value in professional performance.

  1. MBA in Finance

 MBA Master’s Degree in Finance is focused on the economic area of ​​the company. It is suitable for professionals who want to advance their career in the area of ​​corporate finance or work in financial institutions.

The best MBA in Financial Management offers specific knowledge and skills in financial management, analysis of the stock market, reports, investment banking, accounting, international finance, financial planning and forecasting.

Why choose to study MBA in Finance?

  • The demand for professionals with an MBA degree specialized in Finance is high due to the need for companies to have managers capable of analyzing the financial markets, trends, risks, etc. All this in a global and competitive environment.
  • An MBA in Finance enriches the professional profile as a consequence of reinforcing analytical skills and decision-making regarding the economic resources of companies of any sector and size.
  • In addition to the knowledge of an MBA such as corporate communication, business management, marketing, operational processes, strategy, leadership, etc., the professional with a postgraduate MBA with a specialization in Finance becomes a /span>Now, we are in a very positive moment to study this program due to globalization, constant economic changes and the great competition that characterizes the market. Many organizations demand competent professionals in these areas.  

2.- MBA in Marketing

Many professionals who dedicate themselves to marketing do so for different reasons: having studied a university degree in business administration or ADE, economics or commerce. But if you have little experience or want to update your knowledge with a specialized and solid training base in marketing, this MBA master’s degree with a specialty in Marketing may be a good idea.

The best MBAs in Marketing are capable of providing differentiation outstanding compared to other candidates applying for the same job position. Therefore, studying a master’s degree in business administration and management with a specialty in Marketing is a good option to access management positions in the marketing area of ​​a company.

Why choose to study MBA in Marketing?

  • Studying an MBA specialized in Marketing opens opportunities that facilitate advancement towards a wide variety of positions of responsibility in companies. In addition, it favors opting for promotion to senior management positions. 
  • Acquire knowledge about strategic planning and marketing techniques aimed at the appropriate target audience.
  • Train decision making on commercial aspects based on well-founded data extracted from market studies.
  • Go through a comprehensive academic itinerary on management, commercial management, strategy, digital marketing, operations, finances, processes and human resources management.

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3.- MBA in Project Management

An MBA with a specialty in project management or Project Management focuses on the training of qualified professionals in project management in multiple environments and sectors according to international standards.

The Master’s syllabus covers the subjects of an MBA – Master in Business Management – ​​and delves into the topics of project valuation, PMI projects, project monitoring, quality management, budgeting and notions of international trade.

Why study MBA in Project Management?

  • Learn to successfully manage all phases of the life cycle of a business project.
  • Acquire skills to perform strategic management functions that lead the company to competitive excellence.
  • Improve knowledge and skills in order to occupy leadership positions in the area of ​​direction and project management of an organization.
  • Enhance the curriculum to improve at work or enter it labor market by increasing the competitiveness of the professional profile due to the skills acquired in finance, marketing, logistics, production, strategy and human resources.

4.-MBA in Data analysis 

Big Data in recent years is a field of great growth due to the existing demand for professionals specialized in data analysis. This demand for professionals occurs both in companies in the technology sector and in companies in other sectors.

Students of   MBA Master’s Degree with a specialty in data analysis obtain very useful multidisciplinary training to take advantage of opportunities in the technological field and the Internet.

Why choose to study MBA in Data analysis?

  • Acquire knowledge about data management and the most effective ways to collect, organize and analyze said data.
  • There is currently a great demand for qualified digital professionals in data analysis with advanced knowledge.
  • Choosing this MBA specialization opens career opportunities in the finance, IT, insurance, etc. sectors.
  • Understand how companies work in the digital environment and be able to lead the change from traditional businesses to the digital sphere.

5.- MBA in Digital Transformation

The double degree of MBA and Digital Transformation provides the knowledge to manage the departments of a company such as operations, marketing, sales, finance, strategies, etc. But it places special emphasis on digital transformation. Digital administration, electronic commerce and data management are areas that have more weight in organizations every day as a consequence of the integration of technology in commercial activities

Why choose this MBA in Digital Transformation?

  • Professionals related to technology, internet and digital transactions find in this higher education the way to promote to management positions. 
  • Develop the digital skills most valued by recruiters and companies.
  • The curriculum focuses on how different technologies, robotics, machine learning, process automation, etc. affect companies. This allows graduates to direct and implement the actions for digital transformation. 
  • Update management knowledge, understand digital technologies and learn about them trends that will have a great impact on the future of business.

6.- MBA in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs often need specialized training to boost their companies. These learning initiatives benefit both participants who have already started their business adventure and those seeking to launch a business project. The best MBAs specialized in entrepreneurship usually last two years with the possibility of studying the program online.

Classes in an MBA focused on entrepreneurship focus on students acquiring knowledge about all aspects related to innovation and implementation of transformational changesin organizations. These skills are also valued by employers when hiring. They value knowledge in business management and also that they have developed a business mentality.

Why choose to study an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

  • Learn techniques and tools to validate and direct a new business model or company.
  • Advanced knowledge about business management to build a company from scratch.
  • They are aimed at students with entrepreneurial spirit who can put their skills into practice working in new creation companies or startups. Also, for those who work in an organization that is in the process of expansion or change in its business model.
  1. MBA in Human Resources

Master in Business Management and Administration specialized in Human Resources is structured around learning techniques and tools to manage human teams. The study plan integrates specific knowledge in hiring legislation, selection processes, remuneration policies, business culture, negotiation techniques, performance evaluation, training plans etc.

Students from the best MBAs specialized in Human Resources aspire to be managers in the resources area humans or are professionals in the field who aspire to improve their career.

Why choose to study MBA in HR?

  • There is a high demand for qualified professionals in human capital management with specific training in the operation of other areas of the company. The purpose is to have an impact on the company’s positioning and differentiation from the competition.
  • Become experts in developing a business culture and detect areas of improvement in key business positions to achieve the company’s objectives.
  • Develop leadership and strategy formulation capabilities according to the needs of the organization.
  • Aimed especially at university graduates in branches of knowledge related to psychology, labor relations, ADE, etc. who aspire to improve their employment position and/or employability.

8.- MBA in Industrial Engineering 

The Master in Business Management and Engineering is a double degree designed to train aspiring leading a company in the industrial environment.

The curriculum combines subjects related to engineering, technology and business management. This favors engineers in accessing management positions.

The Master is aimed at university graduates in areas related to industrial engineering (Electromechanics, Electrical, Chemistry, Industrial Organization, etc.).

The official degrees, that is, issued by a university or affiliated center, are enabling to practice the profession of Industrial Engineer. The best double Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and MBA have an academic duration of 2 years and are taught at prestigious private universities.

Why choose to study a double Master in Engineering and Master Business Administration MBA?

  • Develop an autonomous professional profile with the acquisition of knowledge and mastery of the fundamentals of technological processes applied in the industry.
  • Manage and plan multidisciplinary teams and perform management functions, both at a general and project level.
  • Acquire knowledge of organization, management and strategic planning of each functional and business area of ​​an industrial company.
  • Obtain comprehensive preparation to work in national or international companies.

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Studying a specialized MBA has many advantages as we have seen. In summary, the specialization that is achieved in the branch of knowledge is chosen based on previous studies or professional profiles. On the other hand, specialization in the area of management is a differentiating factor of great value for companies.

If you are thinking about studying a Double degree Master’s MBA with specialization, we encourage you to choose Come and study at IBAS, with specialized faculty and innovative methodologies that will help you achieve your academic goals. All this with the support of AACSB accreditation, the highest accreditation for Business Schools in the world.