Return on Investment in Education is the same as in the conventional business, an important notion to consider while thinking of a decision to be made.

Think about the short term benefits and long term advantages. According to the most recent study by popular career website Pay scale, not all degrees and colleges are created equally so you should be precise when you are selecting a business school.

Based on Corporate Recruiters Survey Report 2018, financial times and US new there are interesting findings about MBA as a significant investment.

MBA from SSBH, Swiss School of business and hospitality (A triple accreditation educational provider) has a numerous and probable benefits for registered students as any well established and accredited provider.

Tangible benefits: Show me the money because you are a practical person living in a liberal market economy.

1-Average signing bonus was over $30,000 for MBA graduates (

2-Approximately two-thirds of graduates more than doubled their annual salaries.(

3-The average annual salary of graduates of top programs range from $97,000 to $146,000.(

4-Average ROI is 3-5 % and To calculate ROI, subtract current salary from the expected future salary and divide that number by the total cost.

So if the expected salary will be 600,000 LE per year and the current salary is 300,000 LE and the total investment of MBA dual major from SSBH is 40,000 LE so the ROI percentage is 500 K-300K/40K= 7.5%

5-91 % of job-seeking MBAs from those schools found jobs within three months after graduation

Intangible return on investment: or some of us money is not the initial deciding factor.

The achievement.

6-Among the top non-financial returns was a broadened worldview and increased wisdom, gleaned from the classroom and from on-the-ground travel and global consulting opportunities.

7-Increase your self-confidence and self-worth.

8-Access to a large network which will enable you to start your own business as an entrepreneur and this network can help you solve many problems within your career journey as supporters and coaches.


9-recognition and appreciation within the social and corporate community as well as good chances for promotion.

10-Will an MBA Help You Become a Consultant?

Yes, you can be a freelancer as a lecturer or trainer for several companies and this will turn you to a famous managerial guru.