What is a DBA certificate: Doctorate in Business Administration’s Full Guide

We can define it as a research-focused doctoral degree, which is awarded based on the foundations and results of project work and advanced research in the field of business administration.

 DBA “doctorate in business administration” is a professional degree granted by a recognized university in a specific professional field, and it is the highest professional degree in this field, where the discussion takes place before a committee of professional professors in the same field, 

this type of discussion is usually open, and then a position is granted or deducted. Study abroad or make some modifications. 

The professional doctoral study stage takes at least two years in most educational institutions in the world. It is not permitted to discuss a doctoral degree before this period, but it usually requires more than that. A doctoral dissertation includes the completion of innovative and original research or research. 

In order to obtain a DBA, you must complete secondary school and regular university studies at a recognized university, and complete university studies to obtain a professional master’s degree.

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What is the main goal of DBA?

The program aims to enable managers of business organizations, banks, institutions, and global markets, as well as employees of national companies and institutions in all sectors to obtain qualifications and acquire knowledge and skills in modern scientific management so that they can carry out tasks in various fields of responsibility. 

The level of these institutions focuses on the professional, practical, and applied aspects.

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What is the future of DBA?

If you do not find that academic work is suitable for you, this does not mean that you should stop thinking about pursuing a doctoral degree, as there are many fields that you can join. 

You can study for a DBA and work in multiple fields and fields other than university teaching. Include:

Scientific research:

 Many scientific research centers are looking for serious researchers, and the least that is required to work in them is obtaining a doctorate, especially in the field of profitability, as this represents fertile soil with broad horizons.


Many institutions and consulting centers employ doctorate holders, and there are many consulting fields, the most famous of which are management consulting, marketing, finance, human resources, institution building, education, scientific consulting, and other related fields, and there are no professional fields that the House of Expertise can provide better. The most successful practices to achieve the best results in this field.

Planning and Public Policy: 

In every field, there is an agency to formulate and review plans, formulate public policies, ensure their effectiveness, and adapt to various changes. This work often requires a doctoral degree in the same field to be completed according to the best standards.

Analysis, observation: 

Professional PhDs are known for their remarkable ability to analyze, observe, make psychological judgments, and make judgments, and this is very important in all professional fields without exception.

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What is DBA’s Entry requirements?

  • Obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration from any recognized university. The minimum requirements for students to obtain a Doctorate in Business Administration are good grades and above and no less than three years of practical experience after obtaining the first degree.
  • The duration of study for a DBA is no less than three academic years, divided into two semesters each year.
  • The relevant departments appoint a scientific supervisor for each student who is responsible for supervising, preparing, and discussing graduation research.
  • The student’s acceptance is not considered final unless approved by the relevant department council and the college council and payment of the prescribed fees.
  • The student chooses the appropriate course, fills out the course registration form, and is approved by the department head.
  • Registration and enrollment are prerequisites for a student to be allowed to take and have the courses credited to him.
  • The College Council determines the admission and registration date at the beginning of each semester.
  • Both Arabic and English must be used in studying professional graduate courses.
  • Students must pass computer and Internet courses assigned according to the established system.
  • Students must pass the English language test TOEFL or IELTS.

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Why join the DBA program with VERN and IBAS

If you want to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, or you are a company owner and want to hone your expertise in the field of project management, or you are looking for your next step after successfully obtaining an MBA, then without a doubt, the highest degree in the world will be: A DBA “doctorate in business administration” is what you are looking for.


Through VERN and IBAS , you will obtain a DBA “doctorate in business administration”, which enhances the experiences of business owners, helps company managers develop and improve their level of knowledge of business management, raises their professional competence, and improves executive and advisory practices in working more effectively.

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 DBA “doctorate in business administration” is considered a natural extension of the Professional Master of Business Administration (MBA), in which the focus is on the scientific and professional aspects in parallel so that the professional skills of the trainees are developed on the one hand, 

the other hand, academic expertise is developed that keeps pace with market developments, and in it the student studies in a comprehensive manner. 

DBA program goes into more depth about the stages of project management, according to the specialization appropriate to him, and then submits his research thesis and has it reviewed by accredited academic supervisors.


 DBA “doctorate in business administration” consists of several main specializations such as (business administration, marketing, human resources, finance and banking, supply chains and project management), 

the duration of study is 12 months from the date of registration after studying the qualifying materials, and for the student to reach this stage, he must meet the admission conditions, which are as follows:

Requirements for admission to DBA “Doctorate in Business Administration” 

  • The student must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • The student must have an accredited professional or academic master’s degree in business administration (MBA-MSc) or their equivalent.
  • Passing the subjects qualifying for a DBA  

The DBA program with VERN and IBAS designed for people like you, leaders trained to adapt to changes and resource management. 

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