Online-courses as a way for shift-career after Covid-19

In this article, we will talk about the effect of Covid-19 on many jobs, and how people resorted to change the type of their jobs to face this instability situation. We will expose the steps you should follow in changing your career and recommend to you some of courses that will help you in your shift career.

After the out breaking of coronavirus, many industries have affected by this pandemic. We saw some of sales go up suddenly at the same time that some of businesses be forced to close and others Witnessed a huge slump.

As a result, for this unstable situation, many people have forced to leave their jobs or to improve their income by career-shift jobs. Due to this instability, many graduates have resorted to changing their field of study through online courses.

Most Affected Industries by Covid-19 Pandemic

There are many industries affected by the out breaking of coronavirus which has led to many people leaving their jobs.

These affected industries are:

  1. Food and Beverage Industry
  2. Travel Industry
  3. Retail and Clothing Industry
  4. Hospitality Industry
  5. Automotive Industry
  6. Education Industry
  7. Sports and Entertainment Industry
  8. Real Estate Industry
How to change your career path?

If you are one of them who occupationally damaged by affected these industries. here are recommended six steps you need to follow through a change in your career path:

  • Take a deep look into your options and decide what you want to do exactly

Look for your real purpose from changing your career path.

Do you look for a new job in another organization? Or in different industry? Or do you want to switch for a new career completely?

  • Make your own Plan to Shift-Career

Make some analysis of your own list for everything you love doing, all what you are good at, and Consider the things people need to pay for.

  • Start early every Workday

You need to wakeup everyday early to work for what you love and believe in. Determine the field you want to work in, fortify yourself by knowing all the tools that you must possess to break into this field, and Prepare yourself to equip yourself with these tools in pursuit of your own goal.

  • Use a Trusted Resources

There are many trusted tools will help you in finding the ideal jobs through your shift-career, like (LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Indeed), which provide you enough information about jobs responsibilities and its financial implications.

  • Network with the Relevant People in fields you desire

In your Breaking into new industry process, you’ll need to contact a people associated with this industry in order to inform you if there is a new job opening or perhaps personally recommend you.

  • Fortify yourself with Right Education to Shift Careers

This step comes before filling your applications for the jobs you have the will to work in. You need to take some time out to gain experience as an intern, volunteer, or student. Develop your skills and knowledge until you reach the safe stage of changing your entire career.

courses that could help you to shift-careers

As a responsibility from us to help you in the last step in how to change your career path, ECC recommend some Online-courses you might want to fortify yourself with Right Education:

  • Accounting and finance course

Designed for People who are good at saving money and calculations.

  • Project management course

For people who aspire to work as a project manager and like to be firm in his job.

  • Health and safety course

Designed for People who live their lives in a healthy and regulator way.

  • IT course

Designed for People who like to work in information technology field.

  • Marketing course

for People who love the vitality in advertising field.

  • Language course

For people who want to improve their language skills or learning a new language.

  • Admin, secretarial or PA course

Designed for People who like to help in organizing everything.

  • Human resources (HR) course

For people who want to work in recruitment and Organizing the employees of the company or institution.

  • Health and care course

For People who want to save lives.

  • Teaching course

People who are like to teach others and give their experience to them.

  • Business course

People who make have the will to launching their own project or develop their business.

  • Engineering and Construction course

Designed for People who have passion in Architectural designs and the structure of the right Construction.

  • Hospitality and catering course

For People who like to work in the fields of Hospitality Services.

  • Design course

For the people who have the passion in graphic designs, digital design, product design, CAD, and animations.

  • Media course

For the people who love to work in Media Production Agencies.

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