MBA in strategic marketing

One may consider that strategic marketing is not a priority or at least that it is not necessary in all cases.

Perhaps this is true, but we must not forget that the importance of strategic marketing comes, in particular, from the analysis of the market, which is one of its constituent elements, and is undoubtedly the most specific.

Why MBA in strategic marketing  

MBA in strategic marketing graduate would have a bright professional future… it’s often true.

But beware! Before embarking on the path of the MBA, we must ask the right questions. Because if this diploma can effectively boost a career, nothing is acquired: an MBA only makes sense if it is part of a coherent professional project.

We should not, moreover, launch lightly into this particularly demanding adventure in terms of time and financial investment. Here are some good reasons to choose this path … 

 What is MBA in strategic marketing?

Indeed, through this analysis, strategic marketing makes it possible to find the right segment to exploit, to innovate by manufacturing products adapted to the real needs of the targeted clientele and to anticipate their expectations, which also allows the company to get ahead of its competitors and conquer a large place in the market.

In addition, strategic marketing can be essential in specific situations:

  • When business growth slows down or is stalled.
  • When the target market for the company is segmented and it can no longer keep up.
  • When competition becomes tougher and you have to differentiate yourself, without losing your place on the market.
  • When the company’s field of activity is undergoing major changes or innovations.

  The real function of your marketing

The simple word “marketing”  is overused in everyday language and misinterpreted in the social representations we have of it. 

In reality, all of your business activities are directly related to marketing!

we not talking about digital marketing or web marketing here.

Marketing simply means “to market” . A market is defined by the meeting of supply and demand. So any company, even in the case of a self-employed person, places itself on a market because it offers an offer that must meet a demand. The training sector is no exception to this basic principle.

Marketing consists of identifying human and social needs, then responding to them. One of its shortest definitions is to say that it meets needs in a cost-effective manner

Philip Kotler & Bernard Dubois

So what does this definition teach us about marketing?

  1. “Identify needs”

The starting point of any marketing initiative must above all be the customer’s need. We are therefore in the permanent analysis of demand and its evolution.

  1. “Meet them”

  It is therefore for you to create offers suitable for all points of view. We are in the definition of the offer.

  1. “Profitably”

The advantage of identifying a demand well, and of creating an adapted offer, is that one increases one’s chances of finding sufficient solvent customers. Marketing is what drives you to make choices to be profitable.

Importance of taking MBA in strategic marketing 

How to develop a marketing strategy?

Far too many trainers & consultants do not take a step back, and exercise without method or vision. In this methodology, I take you to define the foundations of your marketing 2.0 strategy. To ensure the foundation of your success, you therefore have the opportunity to check all these prerequisites.

  • Who are your competitors?

The vast majority of bloggers and consultant-trainers online (both in Btoc and Btob) disappear in less than a year. This fatal reality is due to 95% of poor marketing positioning, of a nonexistent marketing mix.

And worse, all of these web entrepreneurs have, in general, NEVER studied their competitors or their competitive environment.

They think it is enough to be visible and to promote their products & services via inbound marketing or other levers. It is a beautiful strategic error!

Before putting marketing actions in place, ask yourself these questions:

Is there a market around what you want to do?

Do others meet the same need as you?

How do they do it and how do they sell? Are they dangerous?

marketing approach

Before you can decide to adopt any strategy, it is essential to understand the needs of the market you plan to serve and to properly analyze your competition. Without this preliminary study, it will be impossible for you to develop an effective marketing approach. And therefore to properly position your offer on the targeted market!

  • What is your market niche?

When you start on the internet, you think it is much easier to establish a commercial strategy on a large market in order to reach more prospects or potential customers.

Again, this is a mistake! Your targeting will be of paramount importance on all the marketing actions that you will put in place afterwards.

How do you want to meet the needs of a market (several segments) in their entirety? Imagine the number of customer journeys to understand and set up … It’s impossible …

The keyword “segmentation”. I therefore strongly advise you to ask yourself this question:

What theme and what type of client do you specialize in to be credible and profitable?


The mistake that should not be made above all is, therefore, to want to attack a global market.

Rather than wanting to enter a market, take care to research your niche,  your specialization. We will see why and how …

  • Who is your ideal client?

If you do not want to attract “tourists” to your website, it is clear that you must know your prospect, your target audience.

Knowing your target is the starting point to be able to develop a unique and differentiating value proposition:

What are your client’s problems or aspirations?

What specific needs will you meet when you design your offers?

ideal customer

Without having correctly identified your ideal client, your client will not have the impression that you know them well and therefore will not feel the need to acquire your offer. Without understanding the reasons, the direct consequence is simple:  you will make very few sales.

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