Asia e University is offering exciting & enjoyable learning experiences

Choosing an educational institution that can both engage your mind & your passion and encourage you to learn more is a blessing not to be taken for granted. One of the institutions that follow that code is the Asia e University, an industry ready graduate production powerhouse.

 In an effort to comply and to the 4th industrial revolution, the IR4.0, the university is on a mission to produce industry-ready graduates by providing the best learning tools & pedagogy to its learners, taking initiatives, updating programs & collaborating with the top educational bodies in the world. Through creating personalized learning experiences, digital engagement & quality remote education. As one of the leading & pioneering premier learning institutes of Asia, the AEU supplies quality educational experiences utilizing some of the global learning tools such as MOOC,s, myPlus & more. 

Asia e University does not only exceed but shines in the field of postgraduate advanced studies. According to the testament provided by graduates of the AEUs master’s program, Dini Akmallah Djamhur & Khoo Wan Yin the university gave them the chance to enjoy enough flexibility allowing them to perfectly balance their Duty as Mothers and family caretakers & students of a Masters degree program. 

To further institute the effectiveness of their remote learning program the AEU has adopted as a benchmark that is used to measure the effectiveness of world-class education programs. Alongside the previously mentioned benchmark, the AEU uses a bunch of other tools such as a fully packed and knowledge filled electronic library, all presented in different formats & methods that suit each and every individual out there. Another great assisting tool is the bulk and plethora of PowerPoint slides, videos & articles, and different social media channels all pulsing with amazing info & material. All of this and the university’s 26,000 graduates & 30,000 students all connected across 100 countries shows how Asia e University is modernizing the pre-Graduate & Post-Graduate education scene.

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