The University of London International foundation program, Asia e Universities latest program

In the words of the fearless leader of India “ The future depends on what you do today “ and inspired by their belief in the effectiveness of small and steady steps towards the future, Asia e University has announced its latest edition of the London university Full & Part-time International foundation program (IFP) to its already exciting gallery of exciting programs, providing high school leavers with a chance for success & a prosperous future. 

The University of London was established back in 1836 & is one of the oldest & prestigious universities in the united kingdom. Formed of 17 self-governing institutions & other specialist research institutions, The University of London (UOL) recognized as a standard for global excellence & a leader of higher education. Now the UOL extends its reach to Asia e University via its Full & Part-time IFP program

The IFP is targeted towards & designed to provide school leavers & abandoners with the needed academic & social knowledge & skill set of undergraduate students, all while providing them with an award that is recognized & respected by employers & universities across the world. Those who complete the IFP program will also gain entry to several other degrees provided by the UOL aside from those provided by Asia e University, get a chance to broaden their international professional network & last but not least gain the International student identity card ( ISIC) providing them with the International student status and all the accompanying benefits including student goods, travel & Insurance.

The IFP program is available in both a full-time & part-time format with several different study modes alongside the pre-IFP courses being provided by Asia e University before the official IFP program starting in April.  Asia e University (AEU) is a leading university and specializes in digital flexible learning & has over 28,000 graduates & 30,000 students all globally connected & from 100 different countries. 


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