The Approaches for Motivating Teams you should be trying today

One of the challenges of the world we live in today, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic is keeping ourselves motivated. We’ve all been there and had those days where we just feel like we can’t muster enough power to get up and get things done.

As for our work life, with more time on our hands and most of us committed to working from home or working remotely, finding motivating factors to get the day’s work done seems harder, especially when you have to excuse yourself from a family gathering or some quality time with your wife, children or both of them.

Realising how difficult it is to find ways to keep your team motivated, especially with each one of us working from home and possibly distances away from each other, we decided to point out some creative methods to keep employee engagement.

Who is Employee Motivation Important?

So before we talk about tactics, what’s the fuss about employee motivation and why is it so important?. Here are some of the reasons we believe that motivating your team is extremely important

1) They will go above and Beyond

One of the main causes of people getting dissatisfied with their workplace is the misalignment that happens between their goals and the company’s goals. By figuring out a way to allow the employee to fulfill his goals in a way that oriented around the company’s objectives will keep him feeling motivated and inspired and giving a hundred percent on the job. 

2) Increases Efficiency

A happy worker is an efficient worker, keeping your workers motivated and satisfied is bound to yield more than outstanding amounts for your ROI and revenue.

 The main reason behind this is that the performance of your employee won’t be weighed down by concerns of a toxic workplace,  lack of team spirit and other demotivators, allowing him to reach his peak performance

These are just some of the benefits you can aspire to get when properly motivating your team. Now for the important question, how do you do it?

how can i motivate my tea?

1) Make them feel Appreciated

Making our employees feel appreciated might be one of the most important and inexpensive and intrinsic motivating factors in any given working environment. Remember the impact it had when you last told an employee well done on a great job and gave him his due credit, his face probably lit up.

What and how you’re gonna choose to show appreciation to your employees or team members mainly depends on what acts as an incentive for them, it might be a surprise gift, certificate of appreciation, a couple of days off or even just a job well done.

2) Communicate with your team

We aren’t talking about your weekly meetings or the recap meetings you do on a monthly basis. What we mean here is that you should get to know your team and allocate time to listen to them and get to know them on a personal and professional level. 

Communicate with your team members on a personal level, have a chat with them, get to know more about them, understand what motivated them, what they want to achieve and how you can help make that happen.

Last but not least follow up on their progress and see what obstacles they are facing while helping them to eliminate them if possible or giving them advice if not. As per Forbes, 4.69% of employees believe that showing empathy is a great way to retain employees.

3) Encourage active participation and teamwork

Allow your team to contribute and feel free to pitch in with their ideas. Creating a work environment where your employees are comfortable with speaking their mind. They engage with each other as a team without prejudice or billitelment.

Another great way to motivate the members of your team is to feel as if they have a second family away from home and that they are in it together. The ways through which you can encourage your teams like creating joint tasks with them have workdays out of the office .

4) Share and set clear goals

Set up defined and specific goals with a clear objective and ones that are in tune with the vision of the entity. Last but not least share them with your team and distribute roles to them making sure everyone understands their role and its importance in the overall plan

5) Give them a chance to grow and be creative

As much as you might feel that your team is unprepared for taking the next step or navigating their tasks fully on their own or with your distant supervisions a challenge never hurts anybody, Moreover, it will give them the chance to be creative and show you their problem-solving skills firsthand

So those were some of the most important methods and approaches you can use to keep your team motivated, productive, and absolutely fall in love with their workplace. 

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