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Mohammed Helmy

Excellent Experience

CF7 2 Post

Very Good


Mostafa Kotb Selem Abdelsalam

I am proud to be one of the pioneers successful graduated from Rome Business school and ECC.


Mona Yousif Attia El-Ashry

“I am especially indebted to the Egyptian Cultural Center (ECC). I am grateful to all of those with whom I have had the pleasure to work during this and other related projects. I would especially like to thank Dr. Yasser Fakhreldin. As my teacher and mentor, he has taught me more than I could ever give him credit for here. He has shown me, by his example, what a good scientist (and person) should be. Dr. Yasser Fakhreldin has been supportive of my career goals and who worked actively to provide me with the protected academic time to pursue those goals.”


Adel Mohamed Adel Ahmed

would like to thank my supervisor Prof. DR MOHAMED OMRAN-EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN Financial Regulatory Authority IN EGYPT (FRA), who guided me in the development of the thesis and my co-supervisor Prof.ASHRAF BADR CHARTERED INSURANCE INSTITUTE (AND) DR. MOHAMED NASR for the useful suggestions he provided me with.

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