Why you should study DBA in Egypt?

Are you considering studying DBA in Egypt? If you are interested in doing such a program, but you have not yet decided, now we will explain why you should consider betting on this Program.

The DBA is a research doctorate in Business Administration, it requires coursework and research after completing a Master’s degree. It’s the logical extension of an MBA, it covers the main disciplines of business in more depth and increases participants’ ability to view the organization as a whole.

Doctor in Business Administration programs are designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making, also it offers the opportunity to learn about the latest management techniques and research methods, it is focusing on professional practice, to ensure that the researcher is able to demonstrably solve real business problems also DBA offers a qualification with international market credibility.

It helps you to lunch your career as a professor of practice or for personal interest in furthering your expertise in a given functional area, also it helps you to develop a deeper understanding of how to apply strict academic research to concrete managerial problems.

The DBA is the highest academic qualification at the international level that a person obtains and that enables him to carry out high-level research.

Although there are students who begin their careers with the aim of completing these higher studies, not everyone starts university with the idea of studying for a doctorate.

Many people itch the bug as they pass the degree courses or once they get the degree.

Studying (doctorate of business administration) is not an easy path and there are several aspects that you should consider if you want to access an academic training of this type.

Whatever your profile, the important thing is that you are clear about how you should guide your studies so that you can access the doctoral program in which you are interested.

The choice of the master will be decisive for your specialization and to acquire the skills and abilities you need in the field you choose.

To access a postgraduate program, it is necessary that you have the official Egyptian degrees of Degree or equivalent, and of University Master’s degree, or equivalent

Studying a doctorate is a major career. If you dedicate yourself to this task full time, the DBA has a duration of 3 years, from admission to the program until the presentation of the thesis.

In case you are a professional and you combine your work with the completion of the doctorate, then the time is extended to 5 years. However, the commission responsible for the program may or may not extend the deadlines if deemed appropriate.

When choosing the university master’s degree, keep in mind that your choice is suitable to access the doctoral program and that it is focused on the field in which you want to specialize, in this way you can guide your TFM towards your field of interest and take advantage of this project to work on your ideas.

The doctorate is a very demanding training, in which you have to invest a lot of time and effort, hence the completion of the TFM will serve as a ‘training’ for the future because it will help you become familiar with the research in terms of methodology and guidelines to follow in your future doctoral thesis.

If your goal is clear and you want to dedicate yourself to research, as you progress in your university studies, create your contact agenda, of professors, researchers, or professionals, that are linked to the topic you want to address in your research.

There are areas of knowledge in which it is very positive to have professional experience prior to the start of doctoral studies, but that will depend on the specialty you choose and the professional aspirations you have.

When choosing a place to study (doctorate of business administration), keep in mind that the center has specialized teachers in the field in which you want to train because this will help you in your future project.

In this case, do not hesitate to consult the programs of the Doctoral in ECC “Egyptian Culture Center”, which teaches masters in research and doctoral programs.

These programs admit students from various disciplines who have motivation and interest in research.

The curriculum of doctoral programs in ECC “Egyptian Culture Center” is open and flexible since the training and research activities are adapted to the needs of each student, who works closely with their tutor and director of the Doctoral Thesis, who provide guidance on training activities and more suitable researchers for each person.

The teaching is practical and applied, facilitating students the opportunity to attend classes in person or by blend learning

In addition, the masters and programs offered by ECC “Egyptian Culture Center”

Therefore, if you are interested in directing your professional career to the field of research, take seriously the option of studying a doctorate

At ECC “Egyptian Culture Center”, the admission period is open.

Know everything about dba in Egypt, you can check the information related to the access requirements, the admission criteria, and tests, or the documentation you need to request access.

If you wish, you can also contact us to clarify doubts or expand some type of information.

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