Who needs PMP certification?

PMP, the right choice for a certification that validates your knowledge and experience of project management: Who Really Needs a Project Management Professional  -It is the de-facto industry standard. If you look at our certification survey, the vast majority of professionals give PMP the throne of best practices in project management.  -It is required in many jobs. If you look at many job offers you will see that someone is required to be certified as a PMP. In many others, it is not an exclusive requirement but it is decisive when choosing between two candidates. -It is internationally recognized. If you look at the highest paying job data, PMP certificates are in the top 5. -If you think of a future (or present) going to work abroad, having this certification will ensure recognition in any country you go to. -There is a lot of supporting information and good teaching material. This is very important. If you decide to prepare the certification you can consult a multitude of books on the subject, help forums, consultations, personal trainers, exam simulators, and a long, etc.   Why gets PMP certified? Setting a milestone makes you change your mindset about studying, you have a goal, you have your goal, you already plan your week knowing when you are going to study, what you are going to read, …
  • With the objective of the certification exam in mind, everything is easier.
  • Get a job. It seems, at least in Egypt, that everything has to be related to finding a job, but in this case, the association is very clear.
  • Improve your work. Same as in the previous point. Many jobs require certification in project management because the end customer requires it as a prerequisite for the project, Having this certification allows you to apply for those jobs.
  • Expand your professional horizons.
  • If you have developed your professional work as an architect and now you like project team management more, a certification will support your change of direction in your professional career.
  • Adding project management capabilities will give you an added bonus to launch your career in that regard.
  • Improve your salary. PMP is among the highest-paid certifications of 2014 in the United States according to the survey carried out by Global Knowledge (in the rest of the world it happens in a similar way)
Benefits of becoming certified Thanks to this certification you can have more benefits than we could imagine a priori such as:
  • Professionally: when it comes to getting or applying for a new job, everything will be easier and easier since this process and exam will be in charge of demonstrating to the potential contractors that you are qualified for the position
  • (remember that in order to only to take the exam you have to endorse from 3 to 5 years of experience).
  • It is the best way and also with international relevance to demonstrate your worth as Project Manager.
  • Likewise, if your position is not a new job but your career is in the same company where you are currently, it is also very positive since it will help you get a promotion, a better salary, and a wider projection. Outside of our country, especially in the US, many positions already apply for this certification, and having it will be really good for you.
And now, how do I do it? If you have reached this point, it is that you are really interested and consider that it can be very positive for you because, in addition, you already have the experience and it is always very good that it is officially certified. But since it is relatively unknown, you most likely don’t know how to do it. The steps and / or requirements are as follows, depending also on whether you have a university degree (something that already accredits specific training in advance) or not. If you do not have a university degree, you can also apply for certification:

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