What is MBA?

MBA is known all over the world, the MBA (Master of Business Administration) allows you to carry out a radical career change. Provided you choose your training well.

If the MBA (Master of Business Administration) was historically the natural choice for candidates seeking a position of responsibility in consulting and finance or a position of general management in the industry, today it also becomes “the preferred choice for candidates who target management positions in other sectors, internationally, or for those who wish to develop management skills with a view to creating a business

What is MBA mean?

In three decades, the MBA has established itself as the key to professional success. It brings a change or an acceleration of career and allows it to widen its field of competences.

For example, doctors acquire general training in management which gives them access to the pharmaceutical industry. Consultants are also interested in this diploma because it can allow them to become “partners”, the highest grade in consulting firms.

  however: behind the term “MBA” there are very different realities. The expression “specialized MBA”, for example. The real MBA gives the possibility of leaving one’s original specialization, to reach general management positions.

 More profitable training after a few years of experience

 The ideal candidate has between two and ten years of professional experience and an average age of 29,” adds the director of the MBA at HEC Paris. Each participant brings unique elements to the rest of their class. ”

International accreditations

 MBA program, lasting one to two years, includes lectures in economics and finance, called “fundamentals”, and taught by the center’s teachers, who often call on outside speakers to offer a more current approach to the business world. In addition to these theoretical lessons, there are “electives”, more professional, given by managers, consultants, and practitioners.

The participants themselves bring the material of the lessons. The potential of each candidate in this field is decisive for their admission to the MBA. “We count a lot on sharing, mutual enrichment, and for that, we bet on diversity when we recruit a promotion”, underlines the director of admissions at INSEAD. We thus come across extremely varied profiles: engineers, architects, soldiers, top athletes… from all over the world. “The candidates all have motivation for an international career. They often grew up or have already worked in a multicultural environment. ”

Why online MBA?

  • The more it is known and prestigious, the more expensive an MBA is. World-renowned programs cost an average of € 50,000. A price which is explained by the salary of professors and speakers of international reputation, but also by the equipment, the technologies, the possible study trips abroad …
  • Companies, very quick in previous decades to offer MBAs to their most promising young executives, have gradually stopped funding these luxury courses, faced with the infidelity of their foals. Some schools, even prestigious ones, have now recruited below their target, for lack of sufficient funding.
  • The applicant is therefore almost always forced to pay for his training alone. And the bill is increasing quickly. Because, in addition to MBA tuition fees, there are other expenses: accommodation on campus, travel, the shortfall in salary that you don’t touch for one or two years… To stay attractive, MBA offers a host of funding aids, ranging from real scholarships to reduced tuition fees or rates on carefully negotiated bank loans.

Those who wish to both continue a career in which they are well engaged and keep their salary during the time of the training opt for an online formula (online MBA). Several rhythms are offered depending on the schools.

different majors in MBA

MBA is a global standard of training, known and understood everywhere, it has different majors

 sometimes find training courses of six months, ultra-specialized, accessible after a bac + 2

However, given the average price of an MBA, it is best not to be wrong. As with any quality product, the price reflects the level of service and the results of training. “At the end of the program, our graduates in principle manage to double their pre-MBA salary,” 

It is, therefore, necessary to question the relevance of opting for a cheap MBA that promises miracles but whose profitability would be non-existent.

 Good MBAs do not skimp on the means to support their registrants towards a new professional life, by caring for their relationships with recruiters. Some MBAs have even become references for a given sector (Marketing, finance, consulting, pharmaceutical industry, etc.). Applicants can obtain information on the MBA partner companies that have hired graduates from previous promotions, information that can easily be found on serious business school websites 


Finally, hesitant candidates can be reassured by the choice of an MBA certified by the global accreditation

 This accreditation is only granted after a very conscientious audit. Schools need to do a self-critical analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. Everything is scrutinized: admissions, objectives, faculty, market knowledge, internationalization, recruitment, employability.

By taking MBA, you will obtain professional certification from ECC “Egyptian Culture Center”

 In this link, you can check the information related to the access requirements, the admission criteria and tests or the documentation you need to request access.

If you wish, you can also contact us to clarify doubts or expand some type of information.

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