Must-Know Time Management Tips you need to know about

Ever had that feeling that there’s just not enough time or that no matter how much time you have you never seem to finish or deliver on those important tasks, set goals or that promise you made to a family member or friend. 

Believe me when i tell you that you’re not alone, actually, most of us feel that time is never on our side. 

This could be in part attributed to the although much more technologically advanced & less tyring than the days of old our lives have gotten more occupied with jobs and  errands we need to do or have been postponing for the sake of finalizing another one

We believe that the key to breaking this vicious cycle lies is mastering the art of effective time management. A combination of smart & good time management and eliminating or lessening from the time-wasters of your life will surely prove beneficial. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the tips and tactics that will make you feel that you have all the time in the world. 

1) What is time management?

So before we go into the many different techniques you will be giving a try to better manage your time, what is time management exactly?.

Time management is basically how you choose to distribute your waking hours of the day in a manner that allows you to get what you need to get done without needing to sacrifice or postpone any tasks or errands.

Another definition used by Wikipedia is that its that time management is the time spent planning and exercising conscious control over actions or activities done in an efficient, productive and effective manner. Now that you know what time management is let’s talk about why it’s important.

2) Why is it important? 

It might be somewhat of a misconception or a common disbelief that time management is only intended & needed by those who assume executive or managerial positions or perform several functions during work.

This, however, is not necessarily true as it’s beneficial to whoever wants to make the most of his day irrespective of what his profession is and why they feel their time isn’t being used effectively. Here are some of the most common benefits of using a time management strategy. 

Do more with less

Being able to manage your time and knowing how to do so basically means that you will be able to do more for less. A good way to achieve this is instead of cramping quick shots of 10-minute work cramps in between meetings its better that you arrange what needs to be done based on priority. 

Fulfilling & meaningful work & personal life

No matter how much work you have or tasks our given if you feel that they are non-impact-full or doesn’t add value to you or those whom you provide your service to you will never feel fulfilled. 

Spending your time wisely and allocating the bigger amount of your time to your more important and impact-full activities is bound to return your sense of fulfillment & accomplishment.

You achieve your goals faster

Many of those big ambitions and goals that people have tend to get shelved or ignore due to their owner’s occupancy with more mundane and day to day tasks are a result of mismanaged time. Chances are the time you need to achieve one of those lifelong goals, like learning to play the guitar is already there you just need to find it 

  • Its a confidence booster

Once you’ve figured out a schedule and have gotten the chance to arrange your day in terms of priorities you will have the chance to focus on the more enriching and rewarding aspects of your day. 

Imagine that instead of postponing or ignoring your daily exercise routine all together you stuck to it on a daily, not only is this great for your health but will leave you feeling better about yourself.

3) How to time manage

Now its time for the question you’ve all been waiting for which is how can i better manage my time?. Although when it comes to subjects such as these there’s no one answer for all as our routines are not identical, but here are some quick pointers on how you can start.

  • A time audit is your best friend

Before proceeding to fix or alter something, you first need to understand what’s the current status it’s in aka its “current situation”. In this case, you would go through a process of time tracking and you might be surprised by the results.

Another way to calculate the time consumed per task would be through apps such as RescueTime & Toggl. Once you know where your time is being wasted you can make an educated adjustment

  • Set time limits

Set time limits for each task you are about to and stick to them, this is another area where creating a time audit would come in handy. This does not only make things organized but it also allows you to focus more on the task in hand.

  • Use to-do lists

A great way to monitor your advancement in the tasks at hand is to create a to-do list and not abandon tasks if you are delayed. This will give you a clear idea of what you accomplished and what tasks still lie ahead.

  • Plan Ahead & learn to delegate

One of the worst things you can do to mess up your day is to wake up a man without a plan, so instead of focusing on the main tasks you stumble around doing random ones. 

The two most common and efficient approaches to planning ahead is to either plan your next day from the night before or do it first thing in the morning, starting with your biggest tasks. 

Another great way to manage your time effectively and which might prove tricky for some but its worth the adjusting. This will free up your day and time to do less mundane tasks & work and more important ones. 

  • Get organized, single-task & eliminate half work

Remember the last time you lost your keys and looked all over the house for them, how much time do you think was wasted in this process? Our guess is a lot, accordingly, 2,5 days are spent by Americans and lost searching for misplaced items so get organized and handle each task hand by hand. 

  • Leave buffer time between tasks and meetings 

No matter how much you try and plan the day to the second you’re bound to get some curve balls during your day that will make you reorganize your schedule.

 Instead of jumping from one meeting to the other or one task the other use that time to take a break and reset your mind. After all, the maximum amount of time that the human mind can focus for is 90 minutes. In-between tasks and meetings break of 25 minutes would be a good place to start.

So there you have it, all the tips you need to regain control of your time and turn the clock in your favor. Not all of these solutions will fit everyone but the important thing is that you stay safe & manage your time efficiently and wisely. 

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