The Best Online MBA programs you need to know about

One of the many conveniences of the modern times we live in is that accessibility to data and information and how every single bit of information you need might be a mere click away. This ease of access to information from the comfort of our homes has also left its mark on the educational industry especially when it comes to post-graduate higher educational degrees, such as MBA & DBA degrees

As stated before, the advancement in technology also extended to the field of Master’s studies in the field of business which has led to many schools, websites, and universities offering their MBA programs online. Due to the convenience this offers to many of you out there we decided to shed some light on 10 of the top MBA online programs in the world. So without further ado let us start listing some of the top-ranked and best online MBA programs globally

1) IE Business School Online MBA (Spain)

The online MBA program offered by IE business school is a unique and challenging problem that allows you to boost your career professionally without sacrificing your professional momentum. Over the 17 month duration of the programs, it will provide you with the foundations of business, make you digitally savvy and fluent, and challenge the status quote of current business models.

The starting month of the program is September & February of each year and the average work experience of its applicants is 10 years. The average salary of its graduates three months after their graduation is 146, 484 USD with scholarships available & with accreditations from the AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA

2) Imperial College Business School online MBA (London)

The Imperial Global Online MBA program is a two-year part-time Program that  focuses on innovative thinking and new technology and is the number 1 ranking program and the second on a global level which allows you to pursue your professional and career goals while being able to study around your schedule.

The program HUB is a cutting-edge technology program and supports its students via several online lectures, projects & programs, aside from the financial, personal, and economical improvements you will be gaining from the degree but there is also a return of benefits on the society providing you access and providing the latest research in the fields of technology, business, healthcare, science & engineering among others. 

The cost of the program is 36,500 sterling pounds aka 46,423$ USD as for the ROI for the first 3 months after graduating it would be 143,360 USD. The starting, months are January & September with an 11-year average work experience among its students with accreditations from AACSB, AMBA & EQUIS

3) Southern California MBA online program (USA)

The 21monthsh online MBA program offered by the Marshall school of business is built for the technologically savvy and for the future digitally-driven business world. The MBA program infuses a different group of classic and emerging topics such as analytics, virtual communication among others.

The goal behind this advanced and somewhat modern approach to preparing the upcoming future leaders in the modern evolving global marketplaces The large bulk of the program is fully online, only the first course of the program requires your attendance on campus for an intensive week in which you finalize your first course in collaboration with the academic body of the program.

The cost of the online MBA program ranges between 90,000 USD to 100,000 USD, the usual starting months of the program are August & December with an average work experience of 11 years between its applicants and accreditations from the AACSB

4) Warwick Business School  Online MBA ( USA)

The Warwick online MBA program has been ranked the third in the world in terms of distance learning MBA program and offers a transformative experience to its students both professionally and personally. Another advantage of this program is that it has a healthy balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application. 

On the aspect of flexible distance learning, the Warwick business school program is as flexible as they come allowing you to shift gears and focus between work and pursuing your MBA degree when needed with the ability to take up to a2-year break before you continue pursuing your degree. Other features of the Warwick Program includes it being ana innovative and digital leader and its bleeding-edge practical teaching techniques

This MBA program is a 2monthhh program and will set you back anywhere from 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD. The starting months of the program are January & June with the working experience of its members averaging around 13 years.

5) Indiana University MBA Online Program (USA)

Last but not least is the online MBA program offered by Indiana University or as it is otherwise known as the Kelly School of Business MBA program. One of the main selling aspects of this program is its customizability between 54 available credits. The curriculum is reached over three integrated course sites within one of the seven majors and despite the students logging in from all over the world, students still feel connected and supported by the faculty education body

This program will set you back around 70 to 80 thousand USD and lasts for 27  months, the starting time for the MBA is usually in August or February with an ROI of 122,337 USD for 3  months post-graduation he averages work experience among the programs students is 7 years

Those were the top 5 online MBA programs from all across the world, we hope this article has proven useful for you and that it has acquired you all the information you are looking for 

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