All you need to know about supply chains as an MBA specialization

Although the fact that an MBA or Masters in Business Administration is usually thought of as a degree mostly targeted towards those willing to open their own business or a way to get the skills and toolkit you need to get all you need about operation management.

One of the other specialization offered and available for you to choose when starting your journey towards getting that degree is a specialization in supply chains  & despite not being as well known on a general scale as maybe the Global Management specialization, Information Technology or Human resources management specialization it is equally beneficial financially and career-wise. 

Realizing this and feeling that we needed to bring more attention to this course as a degree program and one of the MBA programs worth your consideration, we decided to write this article about the master in supply chains. 

covering what it is, what its curriculum is &the job oppurtunities and possible incomes it may earn you and if its the right choice for you or not 

1) What is a masters degree in supply chains?

The supply chain management program or specialization deals with managerial and logistical aspects of sourcing the raw material and other components needed by the company to manufacture its products & services. 

Students of this specialization, especially those into logistics,  will be focusing on how to further develop, enhance and make the supply chain even more effective and making it function  in a better way

2) Subjects of the master degree

Now that you know what supply chains are all about and what’s the main objective of the course let’s check what courses or subjects you’re most likely to stumble on during your time in pursuit of your degree. 

Courses will cover subjects in a blend of common management courses and supply chain managers courses, logistics, strategies and quality techniques. 

So subjects such as These are  the most common subjects you’re gonna find with the objective of providing its students with critical problem-solving skills, improvement of day to day operations, handle purchasing and sales, managing inventory & more so expect to see the following subjects as year one courses:

  • Business Analytics
  • Business Skills Development
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Decision-Making for Executives
  • Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Project Management
  • Statistics

As for Year 2 subjects, these are the most common subjects out there

  • Data Management and Warehousing
  • Decision Modeling
  • Demand Management
  • Global Logistics
  • Global Operations
  • Integrated Logistics Systems
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Design and Analysis
  • Network Integration
  • Operations Management
  • Optimization and Simulation Modeling
  • Optimization Roles for Operations
  • Research and Negotiation
  • Service Supply Chains
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Supply Chain Tools
  • Quality Managemen

3) Why it might be right for me

Now that you know the subjects and the objectives behind the supply chain specialization, it’s time to answer the important question which is why you should choose Supply chains as your Master’s degree specializations.

  • If you’re someone who’s always looking to carry out your tasks in the most efficient and effective ways possible then an MBA in supply chains is a great way to start your career in supply chains.
  • It’s a great field for you to constantly learn and develop in yourself. Moreover, it’s not necessarily a full-on desk position meaning that if you’re someone who is ok and happy to go outside of the office once in a while to get things done, a career in supply chains will suit you quite well.
  • A career in supply chains is not only emotionally and financially rewarding & gratifying it’s also versatile and can accommodate most work preferences out there.
  • If you love fieldwork and applying your knowledge practically then this is a specialization where you will get to do a lot of that

If your a person who thrives when hes on his feet and out and about a warehouse directing position might be the option for you, if you’re all about discovering new cultures and visiting new places than a career as a manager of international transportation would be great, in short, you have lots of options

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 4) Supply chain Career paths & job Opportunities

Now that you have most if not all the information you need about what the supply chain specialization is, the subjects you’re gonna be studying & why it might suit you, it’s time to talk about what career opportunities await you as a holder of a masters in supply chains

Here are some of the most common positions among degree holders to give you an idea of what to expect. The most common positions are 


They are the ones that organize, coordinate & analyze the company’s supply chain. This position is common across almost every industry there is & is very fast paced with a focus on product inquiry, allocation and delivery

The average annual Salary is 148,700$ and has a projected growth rate of 7%

Purchasing manager

This category includes wholesale or real merchandising & procurement managers. Their roles mainly revolve around the planning, coordination and directing the efforts of purchasing officers, buyers and others involved in the procurement of services, products or materials.

The average annual Salary is 115,760$ and has a projected growth rate of 7%

Operations Manager

As the name states, this position is mostly about directing, planning & coordinating the operations of public and private organizations. Alongside the previously mentioned role, you would be responsible for the day to day management of the human and material resources of the company

The average annual Salary is 123,460$ and has a projected growth rate of 8%

Distribution, Transportation, Storage management

The holder of this job title is basically responsible for the planning, directing & coordinating the different sections and departments of the company. This means that if you assume this role you will be paying a vital role within the company or institution.

It also has a legal aspect as a lot of that coordination if not all of it will expose you to different regulatory laws, so if that aspect intrigues you supply chain is a way you go 

The average annual Salary is 92,460$ and has a projected growth rate of 7%

All in all, as clarified above gaining a masters in any specialization is definitely a great step forward and getting a master degree in supply chains might be your next big move. So as long as you have a knack for problem-solving puzzles and planning things out this might just be the specialization.

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