Why should you study in Croatia?

Croatia is a diverse country that has become a more popular study abroad destination in recent years, Located between the western and eastern worlds. Croatia is a perfect blend of many different cultures. Students studying in Croatia will love to explore all regions of the country, each very unique place. Croatia is also luckily located for trips to Austria, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia.

Studying in Croatia means that you will be surrounded by multiple cultures, gain a global perspective, and experience a high-quality co-op education while exploring beautiful landscapes and enjoying different outdoor adventures.

Education in Croatia has a long history, with the first university being Zadar University, which was founded in 1396. Usually all higher education institutions that accept international students have an international cooperation office or designated contact person who provides information to potential international students. potential students should contact this office well before starting their studies in order to obtain relevant information on application procedures and other important matters.

Croatia is one of the most popular and famous summer vacation destinations in Europe. Its coasts and seas are captivating, its food is delicious, and it has a beautiful history, culture, and nature. Croatia has a lot more to offer than just your university city to explore.

But here we will talk about education in Croatia and Croatia’s educational reputation in the world.

Croatia became an increasingly popular destination among international students in the world. With 128 institutions of higher education spread across the country, the largest university in Croatia is the University of Zagreb with more than 75,000 students enrolled and is the largest university in Southeast Europe. In addition, Croatia is open and multilingual. When you walk in the streets, you will find people from all over the world speaking Croatian, English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Studying abroad in Croatia

The higher education system in Croatia has a long tradition of education, which is maintained mainly through the work of its public universities. Furthermore, Croatia offers two types of higher education for prospective students:

  • University studies: that included in academic programs that are conducted exclusively at universities.
  • Vocational studies: It consists of professional programs offered at polytechnics or applied science colleges (exceptionally, professional programs may also be offered at universities).

The Egyptian Cultural Center has chosen for you one of the best Croatian universities “Vern’ University” to obtain your MBA and DBA from, and below we will talk briefly about the history of this Croatian university.

VERN University History

VERN was founded in 1990 as the first private business university in Croatia. It started its educational activities in 1994 as a one-year program. With the blessing of the former Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia, VERN University of Applied Sciences was founded in 2000, and in 2007 it became the first Croatian Business University of Applied Sciences.

In the following years of 2009 and 2011, VERN University merged with the Zagreb university of Management as well as the Faculty of Journalism, enabling it to develop into an integrated and innovative European university.

As a result of successful cooperation with the city of Vis, VERN opened in 2012 the VERN Island School on VIS Island, one of the most unique and well-preserved islands of the Mediterranean. With more mergers including Polytechnic School in Zagreb and Kairos College in Zagreb; VERN continues to grow (expand its program) and maintain its position as the leading university of applied sciences in Croatia.

Learning with VERN depends on fact that educated, entrepreneurial and socially responsible people are the vectors of sustainable development and well-being community. We develop the competencies of Experience 7 Entrepreneurship and Business Orientation through academic excellence and socially responsible entrepreneurial work as well as achieving interaction and satisfaction.

It is easy for you to find VERN University of Applied Sciences thanks to its attractive location in the center of Zagreb.

The Croatian higher education system is organized according to three cycles (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) and higher education studies in Croatia are organized according to the transferable credits system (ECTS), which makes it easier for international students to study in Croatia and have their studies recognized in their home countries.

VERN’ University has accreditations from big and respected accrediting bodies which are:

  • ENQA

ENQA is a membership association that serves and represents its members at the European and international level. ENQA members are quality assurance organizations from the European Higher Education Area operating in the field of higher education.

  • EFMD

EFMD is a global, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to management development. It is globally recognized as an accrediting body for business schools, business school programs, and corporate universities.

  • Qudal

The QUDAL Award (Qudal) is awarded only to those products and services on the market that offer consumers the highest quality – based on scientific market research.

  • Superbrands

a particular brand of high-quality or exceptional goods or services; (in later use) Specifically a very popular or well-known brand.

  • Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is the European program for all of education, training, youth and sports. It targets not only students but many audiences from various fields, both formal and informal, in the education and training sectors.

The program aims to provide students, apprentices, schoolchildren, vocational students, teachers, trainers, employees, job seekers, youth, etc., with the possibility of traveling abroad (studies, internships) to develop their knowledge, skills and employability.

If you want to know more about your MBA or DBA from ECC in cooperation with Vern University, please don’t hesitate and Contact us now and check the information related to the access requirements, the admission criteria and tests or the documentation you need to request access.

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