For Employees: 5 Reasons Why you should be working from Home

Chances are your reading this from home, after a well-prepared breakfast and from the comfort of your room, amazing isn’t it?. 

Before The Coronavirus epidemic, most of us commuted to and back from our work or college day and then rinse and repeat the day after, but along came the epidemic and committed us to a work from home status.

it’s fair to say that everyone got a different mileage from our current status but the change was a positive one. 

With more people including whether there’s a work from home option in their decision to take a job or not & with man firms realizing that creating some form of work from the home process is no longer a luxury but a must, things are looking good for this already existing but rejuvenated work format.

So we thought of making it official and breakdown 5 reasons you should be working from home today and the benefits that your fellow freelancers enjoy that you might be missing out on. So get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and discover the wonders of working from home for Employees.

1- No more Commute

Gone are the days of rushing out of your house to catch the bus or whichever Public transport you take, or warm your car prepping it for the road, well for now at least.

I can not even begin to describe how much not having to commute to work and your traditional office setup saves time, gives you a chance to start off the day in the right way, saves money, and improves your workday.

Cost of commuting might not be a big bonus for you if you live close to where you work but from my experience and having to switch between more than one transportation to reach work, it’s a benefit.

Another great benefit is that your freedom to choose where you want to work from, whether from the beanbag in your room or a nearby coffee shop, the world is your oyster. As per the statistics, the average full-time Remote worker gains back the equivalent of 11 workdays every year.

2- You get to learn more

Remember all those times you were on Coursera and a course catch your eye or a friend recommended a book or article that might have interested you but you couldn’t check it because of work.

Granted you might still face the same dilemma nowadays but way less than before. Moreover, if you’re working remotely you have the chance to arrange your worktimes and your downtimes or breaks in a way that gives you time to explore and discover more, which in turn will give you better chances at better positions & a higher Pay grade.

As shown by the statistics 18% more executives are working remotely than those that are working on site. 55% of Founders & c Level positions alongside 46% of VIP Level jobs are occupied more by remote workers and last but not least, most Remote Workers hold managing positions in their companies as 16% of all telecommuters identify as managers.

3- Save that Money

Aside from being a title of a Rap song, this statement rings true especially when it comes to Remote working. Those who work remotely cut down on a wide variety of expenses whether its transportation costs, cost of purchasing food, tolls, parking tickets & car maintenance among others.

Here are some statistics to support that argument.

  1. Another thing you save on is time, which is as priceless as they come.
  2. According to a report from FlexJobs & GLobal Works analytics states that the average annual income of remote workers is 4,000$
  3. Some other reports stating it as 7,000$ more than non-remote workers.

4- Remote Worker, Happy Worker

With all the points we’ve already stated it’s pretty clear now that a remote worker is most likely gonna be a happy worker, possibly making it one of the most important benefits of working from home.

This mainly is due to the flexible work schedule. Non-commute, more time to self develop and many other benefits it’s no wonder that remote workers are happy, here are some numbers for you,

Tip: According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report states that that office workers are 32% more engaged while in-office workers are 28% more engaged

5- Your schedule is your own

Not all of us share the same traits, as human beings, we are each unique & operate differently, to a degree.

The beauty of remote working is that it allows you to adjust your schedule according to the time of the day where you’re most active and be more flexible in how you approach your tasks and more willing to go the extra mile and create a work schedule that matches your needs.

This will go above and beyond could be credited to the work-life balance that most remote & part-time employees enjoy.

This is especially evident when it comes to traveling and work as is apparent from these statistics.

According to a report by Buffer, 44% of remote workers travel while working between one week and one month per year with 25 % of them practicing this combination more than one month of the year

In conclusion,

  • we are well aware that when it comes to working comfortability & what works for one person might not work for another.
  • Although statistics generally point towards a rise in Remote workers & most statistics reflect that remote workers are generally more to do, not everyone has the option to create a distraction-free environment in his home.
  • When it comes to numbers though it seems that the win goes to Remote working, here are more statistics to better clarify our point.
  1. 68% of millennials looking for jobs that the existence or lack of a work from home option greatly affects their decision
  2. a survey found that 30% of employees had left a job due to the lack of flexible work options.

Last but not least,

  • two-thirds of managers offering remote work options reported that remote workers are overall more productive.
  • To wrap it all up, the change is coming and if anything it seems that it’s for the best.
  • catch up on the courses you never got round to finish.
  • so set up your office space at your home.
  • set up a schedule

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