PMP requirements

 The PMP or Project Manager Professional certification is awarded to those professionals who seek to guarantee the updating of their knowledge and skills in the field of project management. To maintain this title every three years, certification holders must demonstrate continuity in their training or PMP courses and practice as Project Directors.

The number of companies worldwide that require accreditation of their project management personnel is increasing. This reason has led many professionals to prepare to obtain it since the job opportunities it opens are very wide.

pmp certification requirements

Apart from being globally recognized, the requirements of the PMP certification and the examination necessary to obtain it have been raised by the PMPs of all the countries participating in its preparation.

Another factor to highlight about the PMP is that it has appeared for three consecutive years in the top ten positions in the ranking of professional certifications, improving its position each year.

The requirements to become certified as a PMP are related to experience managing projects, having completed a 35-hour project management training course, and passing the certification exam.

The number of hours of previous project management experience to be accredited depends on whether you have a Bachelor’s degree or not.

To obtain this recognized and prestigious project management certification, a series of prerequisites must be met, including demonstrating your experience and training in the area.

Prepare to obtain the PMP Certification , it is still a project in itself, you have to manage the scope, time, risks, budget, etc.

To sit for the exam, the application must be formalized on the PMI website where you must:

Justify the level of studies (Minimum Baccalaureate level or equivalent)

4,500h of professional project management experience over at least 3 years if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher. But the requirement is 7,500 hours over at least 5 years.

35h of training in Project Management (The certificate issued by CEO LEVEL certifies these 35h of training)

Commit to compliance with the Project Director’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Why PMP?

Project management is made up of all those actions that you must carry out to fulfill a defined objective within a certain period of time during which resources, tools, and people are used, which have a cost that must be taken into account when budget. 

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the Professional Certification in Project Management is the most important certification in the industry and the most recognized for project managers.

It is recognized and in demand around the world and demonstrates that you have the experience, education, and competence to successfully lead and direct projects.

What is the use of being certified in PMP?

This certificate is being quoted more and more in the market and at a better salary; The PMP can increase your salary by up to 10% more than your colleagues or colleagues who do not hold a certification.

In addition to increasing your earnings, being certified further validates your knowledge of project management and also increases your employability.

Benefits of obtaining a certificate in PMP

As mentioned above, with a certificate issued by the PMI, you can definitively validate your knowledge, commitment to your profession in project management.

  • It shows that you have demonstrated excellence in the field by meeting the standard requirements established by global project management practices.
  • It prepares you for greater job responsibilities. The certification indicates your willingness to invest in professional development. This gives you an awareness of changes in processes and terminology in the field.
  • Improve the professional. This PMP certification program promotes internships and supports professional development
  • Improve your skills and knowledge. Preparing for a PMI certification requires study and review of current project management processes. When you obtain this certification, it shows your knowledge and skills in your practice.

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