organizational behavior importance

The study of organizational behavior involves a series of knowledge related to the way people behave individually and in groups in organizations.

 Why study organizational behavior?

By studying organizational behavior, the behavior of individuals in the organization can be observed and the understanding of interpersonal relationships in which people interact can be facilitated.

But it is not only about observing and understanding: the idea is that this allows the organization to make decisions that lead to greater efficiency on the part of its members.

Key factors of organizational behavior

They can be classified into four areas:

People and groups:  people who work in a company are part of the internal social system, which is made up of individuals and groups large and small. 

The workforce is made up of very diverse people, with different levels of education, culture, knowledge and skills. It is recommended that employers be prepared to face situations in which some people try to impose their way of working, leaving aside their commitment to the company.

Human groups are characterized by their dynamism: they form, change and disintegrate.

  • Structure: in every company, people are related in a structured way so that their work can be effectively coordinated. The absence of structure would generate chaos, in addition to serious problems of cooperation, negotiation, and decision-making within the organization.
  • Technology: the main contribution of technology is the increase in worker productivity. It also influences the tasks people to perform and significantly affects work relationships. So much so that construction workers in a building do not interact in the same way as those in a casino.
  • Environment: every company works in the context of an internal and an external environment; and it is part of a larger system that includes many other elements such as government, state institutions, the private sector, families, etc.

Thus, companies are influenced by their external environment, which affects the behavior of the people who work in them.

Importance of organizational behavior

The importance of organizational behavior lies in the following points:

  • It helps predict what people will do inside companies.
  • Study how to predict the behavior of individuals and groups.
  • Seek effective results through the study of individuals, groups, and company structure.
  • He has good skills in dealing with people.
  • Includes the ability to understand employees.
  • It is fed back with the results of the organizational behavior.
  • He is aware of the abilities of individuals and groups to work with greater efficiency and productivity.
  • It is a basic requirement to be able to be successful in running a business.
  • Replace intuition with systematic study.
  • It seeks to adapt human resources with the latest technology

Definitions of organizational behavior

  • For Davis and Newstrom. “It is the study and application of knowledge related to the way in which people act within organizations. It is a human tool for the benefit of people and it is generally applied to the behavior of people in all kinds of organizations”.
  • For Baron and Greenberg. “It is the study that seeks knowledge of all aspects of behavior in organizational environments through the systematic study of individual, group and organizational processes; the fundamental objective of this knowledge is to increase the effectiveness and well-being of the individual ”.
  • Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly, and Konospake. “Field of study that is based on the theory, methods and principles of various disciplines to learn about the perceptions, values, learning capacities of individuals while working in groups and within the organization and to analyze the effect of the environment of the organization and its human resources, missions, objectives, and strategies ”.

In relation to the exposed definitions, similarities can be observed between the definitions when declaring that  CO is the interaction, relationship between people,

individual groups and the organization, likewise all the authors in one way or another indication that it is a field of study, application of knowledge, discipline, among others, used to increase the effectiveness of the organization or improve it.

Concluding on the basis of these definitions and own criteria considering that this is the practical object of study in this research, the CO is defined as the study of what people do in an organization, which distinguishes organizations from each other and that object of this study is to apply this knowledge to improve the organization.

Therefore, it must be taken into account that each person is a multidimensional phenomenon subject to the influences of various variables, both external and internal, and human behavior depends on these.

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