The role of Social Media for pharmacist’s chain and it’s function in digital marketing (One of MBA tracks)

The sample of the respondents having pages on the Facebook, twitter etc. And using the social media for finding the products, the offers and getting the information about the products and the sellers.

The sample of the customers having pages online to introduce products and attracting the consumers for selling the product.

There is almost no variability among the social media network users on the basis of gender. It has been found that younger people are adopting social media like anything and with a pace that was never before in the past. It has also been found that almost every social media user who were respondent in this case use to go to brand pages to learn more about the product/services, to learn about the exclusive offers, to find the reaction of their friends and peer on the selected brands. The effectivity of social media as a marketing tool will only be possible when organization having their presence on social media provide the concrete and timely information needed by the consumers. The main way fans come to join/ follow a brand page/ brand on social networking sites is through advertising followed by a friend invitation.

Buying Decision also plays an important role in motivation towards brand following on the social networking platforms. The desire to engage with the brand either through dialog with the brand’s representatives or with other consumers (business to consumer + consumer to consumer communication) leads to advocacy and loyalty towards the brand and such consumer starts working as a brand ambassador of the product/service. The brand following over the social networking sites is converted into brand purchase either through offline or online buying channel if the marketing strategies would be designed by keeping in mind the perception and expectations of the consumers.

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