MBA vs PMP in brief

Have you ever asked yourself what is the relation between MBA and PMP? Or what are the advantages and benefits of this major?  The growing interest in developing the competencies of the Project Manager is due, above all, to the parallel need to manage projects and develop human teams in the current business environment.  regardless of size or sector, no company is oblivious to the impact of global competition.  In practice, the strong competitiveness associated with globalization and new technologies puts pressure on companies that requires special attention to the direction of human resources.  Intangible assets have gained unprecedented importance. While they were always relevant, now they also become the heart of the new economy. In particular, special emphasis is placed on project management in line with the strategy business.  A task that requires a strategic direction so that the projects can be translated into the projected change with maximum efficiency. Beyond being isolated projects aimed at creating new products and services, they constitute an effective way of working in the current competitive environment. Able, among other objectives, to help improve the business by developing the company through a project-based approach. 

Why you should study MBA in Project Management major?

  • Being able to face these challenges, keys to business success in the current context would be the first reason to study MBA in Project Management.
  • Keep in mind that your program is theoretical-practical and is oriented, fundamentally, to the training of managers so that they acquire the necessary skills to direct, plan and manage projects effectively.
  • Reaching new professional goals is a second reason that advises the realization of a master in Project Management. On the one hand, the essential orientation of a master’s degree is to satisfy both training expectations and then help students to begin a fruitful professional relationship.
  • To this end, the acquisition of theoretical knowledge is combined with the realization of internships, taught by university professors and professionals of recognized prestige and extensive business experience.
  • This double approach, in addition to forming in a real context, serves as a bridge to begin a professional relationship once completed.
  • In this sense, it is important to choose an academic institution that provides an effective professional promotion service and job boards to make it possible.
  • taking a master’s degree in Quality Project Management is an optimal way to prepare for the certification exam as a Project Manager Professional (PMP).

9 Reasons to study MBA in PMP

1- ranking of higher salaries

According to the labor market study, the salary of the project manager is in the second position in the ranking of higher salaries.

2-Great demand

there are more than 1.5 million jobs aimed at project managers.

3-Reaching new professional objectives

For this purpose, the acquisition of theoretical knowledge is combined with the realization of practical cases, all taught by the best professionals in the sector with great business experience.

4- Getting professional skills

You will get the skills that every manager, intermediate or professional manager must have to develop effectively and efficiently the management of a project, as well as the management of the project tools.

5- Understand the different types of projects

as well as the methodologies that best suit each of them; traditional or predictive methodologies, and adaptive or agile methodologies.

6- The PMP is a worldwide recognized certification.

 The PMP is recognized and sought throughout the world, with more than 450K of certified professionals, and will help you show your skills and experience to potential global employers.

7- PMP professionals are safe even in times of economic recession

although no one is immune to layoffs and reductions in personnel, 80% of executives around the world believe that having PMP certification demonstrated basic skills that made them valuable. Certification holders even during the recession.

8- Its utility in multiple fields

 the PMP is an ideal bet for all project managers in various professional fields, including IT, telecommunications, business processing, commerce, finance, research and more.

9- Great opportunities for progress

with experience, education, and improvement, the opportunities for progress in project management are virtually unlimited.

 Benefits of taking MBA in PMP

As a project manager, you will have international recognition as a professional and a leader in Project Management.  You will be professionally trained for the management of complex and high-risk projects, as well as a practical and conceptual mastery of the established methodologies increasing your value in the workplace or the company to which you belong. Your company will win with your qualification:   – Thanks to your global vision as Project Manager, you can become a major player in the company’s strategy.   – Greater efficiency of the whole team thanks to the common language (standard methodology) provided by you.   – More possibilities to achieve the objectives by combining the accumulated experience with the best practices.   – You will generate added value to the business cycle thanks to proper knowledge management.   – The organization will increase its maturity level.   – PMP is a source of future leaders. By taking MBA in Project Management, you will obtain professional certification as Project Manager (PMP) from ECC “Egyptian Culture Center”  In this link, you can check the information related to the access requirements, the admission criteria and tests or the documentation you need to request access. If you wish, you can also contact us to clarify doubts or expand some type of information.

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