All you need to Know about MBA Modules & Majors

In this article, we will discuss the difference between MBA modules out there in-depth, what are the different Majors in each module. In short, we will provide you with a more detailed Guide to all what you need to know about MBAs.

  1. MBA Definition

There is a common definition for MBA that it’s a General graduate business degree, which gives its students a wide variety of technical, managerial, operational, managerial and leadership skills among others.

2) MBA Modules

Here are the most popular and well-known MBA modules around the world, according to Wikipedia, the most common MBA modules:

Full-time MBA Programs:


These types of programs typically last about two academic years, approximately 18 months. Students of this module usually enter with considerable prior knowledge and experience in real life.

A student’s experience with this type of MBA is somewhat similar to that of an undergraduate student. They usually take classes during weekdays and 600 hours of class work (60 credits).

Accelerated MBA Programs:


This is a more accelerated version of a two-year full-time program. An accelerated MBA degree typically includes a higher course load, more intensive classes, schedules, and exams.

The downtime during the program and between semesters is also some less. To give you an example, there is no 3 to 4 months off between semesters, but 3 to 7 to 10 days’ vacation.

Part-Time MBA Programs:


Part-time MBA’s usually hold their sessions on weekday evenings, after business hours or during weekends. This Module is usually for working professionals who cannot relinquish their work but need to pursue a degree.

Full-time & Part-time Executive MBA’s:


The full-time Executive MBA is designed in such a way as to meet the most advanced needs of managers and executives, and is primarily aimed at those with 5 or more years of experience.

The duration of the full-time MBA is one year. This type of program is commonly found in India as an alternative to a two-year fresh graduate program.

The part-time Executive MBA is the same as the full-time version, and meets the needs of professionals with previous experience but can be concluded in a maximum of 1-2 years.

Dual Degree MBA’s:


The dual MBA module is designed around the combination of the MBA and other programs such as MS, MAM Eng, or JD. This allows students to pursue an MBA and another degree on the side without having to pay the extra cost.

Distance learning MBA programs:


The blended or distance learning MBA programs vary or separate based on offering a long-distance solution for those who cannot attend business school or lectures at other facilities.

How long your MBA will last for will depend on whether you choose a one-year option or a two-year option. How your information or lectures will be delivered with your professors can range from correspondence emails to live video sessions or conferences.

Mini MBAs:


This term is used equally by both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Mini MBAs is more of a training cohort that focuses on business fundamentals.

These are usually non-credit bearing courses with a requirement of less than 100 hours of total learning.

Nowadays, due to criticisms of this system, many schools have converted these courses into credit courses so that they count towards a full traditional MBA.

3) MBA Majors

Now you have the knowledge about the different types and modules of MBA. let’s move on to the majors you can look forward to studying while you enrolling in an MBA program. Below is a list of the most popular subjects you can expect to study in an MBA.

Financial Management


One of the most popular subjects that you have to find across different MBA programs is in financial management.

Since MBA programs are designed to provide its seekers with managerial and operational skills, it is essential that you gain knowledge about how to budget and allocate company resources.

This topic teaches you how to manage the funds entrusted to you, how to measure your company’s liquidity, profitability and efficiency among many others.

Marketing Research


Studying Marketing Research as an MBA program aims to provide you with the management and entrepreneurial skills needed to hold a management position or start your own business.

This subject will mainly focus on teaching you the skills needed to conduct reliable market research and collect data from clients and potential future clients for use in decision making at a later time.

Operational management


Many MBA programs will consider operational management as a main major.

The main purpose of educating MBA students in this field is to allow them to address various issues and concerns that may arise while running a business such as productivity, quality, capacity, supply chains, and others.

Customer relationship management


Today’s markets and customers are more unpredictable and it is more difficult to maintain a positive relationship with them than before. This is the aim of studying customer relationship management.

This topic will allow you to learn how to build brand loyalty with each of your existing customers and build them with new clients.

You will also know how to attract leads and potential customers from buying your products or subscribing to your services.

Human Resource management


This topic is more related to the human aspect of the people management side of the business.

By studying this topic, you will learn more about team and workforce management for entire companies.

You will also get a chance to learn more about current labor laws that protect the interest of employees and balance this out with the needs of the company.

These are the five most common subjects, but there is also some of the other majors available such as Business Fundamentals, International Business Development, Discovery Expedition, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Leadership Communications, Data Analytics, and others.

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