How to choose bloggers or influencers – mba in marketing

Before running a blogger’s, event or using bloggers or influencers at any promotional activity, The Marketer has to be very careful in choosing the suitable one for the company according to many factors as following:

1-Relevance: The blogger or influencer has to be care about your products, so for example If we want to promote cosmetics and beauty products, we have to choose who are interested in beauty products, so his/her audience will be likely interested in beauty products, so that will be suitable for promotion.

2-Passion: The Marketer has to choose the one who has a passion about the company, products and services, as it will reflect on how he/she will promote the target product or service, as the followers have to feel that their beloved blogger of influencer is not acting and he/she really feel about the product or service in order to convince more customers to take the decision of purchasing.

3-Long-term partnership: It’s better to choose who is ready to do a long-term partnership, as that will reduce the cost of partnership, and there will be a stronger connection between Him/her and audience and for building relationship with customers for better results.