Mba in health care management

The MBA in Healthcare Management is a postgraduate degree that provides students with knowledge about healthcare systems, systems related to public healthcare, hospital networks, or other healthcare centers. The study opens a range of job opportunities in hospitals and healthcare-related companies.

In general, healthcare management (or healthcare administration) is defined as “the supervision of the functions of a healthcare organization.” The responsibilities of a healthcare manager include providing leadership, direction, and guidance to healthcare units (such as hospitals or other healthcare systems) to ensure the best possible delivery of available healthcare services.


Therefore, the degree program will aim to introduce students to hospital control management, conflict management, hospital business management, healthcare planning, and much more. Healthcare management is a fairly dynamic and competitive field, and candidates for the degree have a very diverse workload. Graduates work for a wide variety of healthcare industry centers and mainly focus on the management of specific departments such as marketing, finance, policy analysis, or accounting.

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Reasons to study MBA in Healthcare Management

When you decide to study MBA in Healthcare Management, you are willing to accept an important job opportunity. The healthcare sector is changing rapidly, which is why it requires professionals who can take care of all the elements that make it up, from economics to patient satisfaction, including the organization of the medical team. If you want to know more about this preparation, below we show you why you should study it, as well as its professional opportunities.

  • If you are a dynamic person with the ability to lead and manage under constant change, this master’s degree may be tailored for you. Keep in mind that the health sector is undergoing constant transformations, which is why it requires specialized personnel who know how to manage the circumstances and take control of a medical center, adapting it to the budget and the needs of the population.

  • The high job demand in the field of healthcare management is another reason to consider studying this career. By becoming an expert in this area, you will have the opportunity to be hired in various sectors. Later we will show you the available employment opportunities.


  • Another benefit of this master’s degree is acquiring the ability to adapt new technologies to the service of patients. These will serve health professionals so that they can achieve a better performance of their functions in caring for the sick.

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  • To achieve the above, it will be necessary for you to carry out the budgets, destined for the center where you carry out your function as a health manager. In this sense, you must manage the accounts and adapt them to the social or government needs and capacities, if applicable. Resource management will be your specialty.


  • Addressing the different contexts of uncertainty is a challenge that will make your position more interesting. Thus, you may encounter specific circumstances, such as disease outbreaks that must be addressed or community needs that must be responded to. Hence, strategy is one of your weapons when managing any area related to health.


  • From the private initiative, and also from the public sector, you must manage marketing. This will allow you to promote your company or offer a good expectation of care to future patients so that they choose the services you promote.


  • It will be up to you, if you are in that context, to make the public health service an efficient practice. You will be the connector between the different departments and situations of a health center. You will design and mark its perfect development, propose actions, evaluate the results, and organize the environment.


If you realize it, you will be a key player in the health sector, stimulating and satisfying the demand for this type of worker.

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What is the Valuable of MBA in Healthcare Management?

If you already answered why, you should study MBA in Hospital Management and Administration, now you have to see the job opportunities it offers you. Without a doubt, you will have the public and private sectors open, so your possibilities to work increase considerably.


To give you an idea, let’s start with the different areas. Thus, in addition to the doctor, you have the option of opting for the pharmacist, the veterinarian, as well as dietetics, veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, optics, dentistry, nursing, etc.


With these areas and many others, you have the possibility of holding positions ranging from business management in the hospital and healthcare sector to the director and head of the medical service, or the marketing director in the healthcare sector, in addition to commercial management.


Other addresses that you can occupy are those of the pharmaceutical sector, health insurance, administration in the different health sectors of public and private entities, a healthcare center, a health institution, etc.

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  • Your responsibility can also open the doors to the development of the health business, the planning of services in the health sector, as well as the organization of centers.
  • You can be a consultant for the financial, advertising, and technology strategy of a health-related company. 
  • You also have the option of becoming an entrepreneur or presenting yourself as a director in the healthcare sector organization.


Keep in mind that you will end up training to be able to control an entire hospital center, becoming a leader in the health sector. If you analyze it well, you will understand that it is difficult for this sector to stop needing professionals. The opposite happens, each time, with the development of new technologies, the personification of a specialized manager who adapts to the times and circumstances in this area is necessary.

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Possible careers after MBA in Healthcare Management

Once you have finished your postgraduate degree, you will wonder what are the areas of work where you will have the opportunity to work. Here we leave you some options:


  • Medical and Health Services Managers

Health services managers plan, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of health care services facility-wide or department-wide.


Healthcare Sales/Marketing Manager Healthcare sales or marketing managers direct all sales and marketing activities of healthcare organizations.


  • Pharmaceutical Project Manager Pharmaceutical project

managers oversee assigned projects and new drug research and development processes. You will perform status reports, manage deadlines, evaluate project risks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • Health Insurance Operations Director Health Insurance Operations

Directors solve problems within each area and develop policies, procedures and budgets to support functional infrastructure.

MBA in Healthcare Management Courses

Studying this program has the distinctive feature that you will have courses such as:

  • Financial Management

You will learn about capital market theory, long-term investment management concepts, and legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Ethical Leadership

They provide a framework for evaluating ethical issues related to management and decision-making skills.

  • Operations Management

Students analyze the relationship between operations management, operational efficiency, and overall performance.

  • Marketing

They explore marketing principles, such as marketing research, segmentation, and consumer behavior.

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So, if you feel that your role is to contribute to the common well-being, there is a master’s degree in Health Management. It is designed for people like you, leaders trained to adapt to changes and lead the way to better care and resource management. At VERN and IBAS we have official online master’s degrees  

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