All what you need to know about your MBA in engineering management

One of the many advantages of getting an MBA or Masters of Business administration is that it allows you not only to enhance your position in your existing career, it also allows you to shift completely from one field or industry to the other. This is mainly due to many existing MBA specializations you get the chance to choose from whether that be supply chains, marketing, or the subject matter of the day engineering

One of the interesting fields that is existent in almost, if not every MBA program out there especially when it comes to the engineering field is an MBA in engineering. Despite all the aforementioned points in favor of this interesting specialization, it is not as well known as the other specializations offered in any MBA program

Realizing that, we decided it was time to write an article about this intriguing specialization, what it is, what are its courses, its benefits, and its prospect as one of the specializations in the amazing degree programs that is the MBA degree

1) What is an MBA in engineering management

There are many definitions and identifications out there that are for the MBA in engineering but one of the most inclusive ones out there is the one that defines an MBA in engineering management as a postgraduate higher education degree that alongside the traditional focuses of other MBA degrees such as Project management, management skills & leadership skills it also focuses on a combination of mathematics, technology & science among others, providing the perfect blend of business and engineering.

2) Courses of the Degree

Similar to any other specialization in any Master of business administration, the Engineering management specialization has its own set of courses that are in tune with the objectives we mentioned  & most other engineering management programs. Here are some of the most common topics and subjects you are bound to stumble on

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Environmental system design
  • Robotic Control & Smart Systems
  • Electronic & Communication engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Management information systems
  • Management science
  • Product engineering

As you can see from the listed specializations, along with the standers subjects you would get with any full time or part-time MBA program, there is an emphasis on the more scientific, technology & mathematical subject matters and topics

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3) Benefits of an MBA in management engineering

Now that your familiar with what an MBA in Management e

engineering is and the different courses within, we shall now move onto the advantages of an MBA in management engineering.

Expand your knowledge of the business

One 0f the advantages of getting an MBA in management engineering is that it gives you an overall understanding of the industry. This will also be a great plus considering that in addition to the work experience they have as an engineer adding on to that the managerial skill you will attain from an MBA will allow you to get better results & lead your engineering team

Better career & higher pay

The world of great career opportunities & good pay welcomes the holders of MBA in management engineering with open arms. The main reason behind this is that this MBA specialization offers a great blank of the business and technical world of engineering which will lead to the fast-tracking of career-boosting you into a managerial level especially when it comes to industries such as IT, ITES, BFSI & E-Commerce and healthcare among others. As for the financial aspect of the degree, you are surely bound to raise your degree drastically and represents an addition to your post-graduate earnings

Developing an Entrepreneurial personality

During your time as a student of an MBA in engineering, you will earn a set of communicational, leadership, organizational skills, and other skills pertaining and needed in a business environment or engineering projects.

Engaging with your team & interacting with your teammates & fellow students will be sure to not only build you on a personal level but also build you to be more on an enterpreninal, managerial & leadership level. 

4) Job & Salary prospects

Last but not least we will now move onto a more practical side of the MBA in management engineering which revolves around two questions, what jobs does it qualify you for & what pay grade does it put you in or amongst.

In terms of Jobs, as we claimed before the degree puts you in the forefront of many mid-level managerial & c-level positions in a plethora of different industries, Here is an example of some of the positions an MBA in Management engineering puts you in the forefront for and the average annual salaries you can expect to earn with those jobs as per Payscale

Software Engineering Manager   79,000$ USD average annual salary

Senior Program Manager  126,000$ USD average annual salary

Senior Electrical Engineer  98,000$ USD average annual salary

Senior Account Manager  129,000$ USD  average annual salary

Those were some of the key elements and pieces of information you need to know about the MBA in Engineering and why it might be the right option for you. We hope this piece has proved interesting & has given you some valuable insights about Marketing Engineering as a specialization of a Masters degree in business administration. 

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