Studying MBA in Egypt offers you excellent networking opportunities by interacting in a relevant way with colleagues, future CEOs, or high-level executives, professionals with great financial management experience, and a strong presence in the market also you can expand your network during the academic period.

Here’s a full guide if you want to study MBA in Egypt

MBA Modules

The time spent on MBA qualification has been developed to conform to the requirements of the RFQ, to meet the requirements of higher education and employers, to meet the needs of learners with the highest courses of study.

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Managerial Economics
  3. Accounting and Finance for Managers
  4. Leadership and Strategic Management Personal Development
  5. Organizational Behavior
  6. International Business Environment
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Strategic Human Resources Management
  9. Project Management
  10. Strategic Development Research
  11. Thesis

MBA Accreditation in Egypt

We provide MBA programs that have a focused, yet diversified curriculum that will enhance the knowledge and problem-solving skills of both managers and executives with MBA international accreditation, this program is designed to provide professionals with the right skills to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive global business environment.


  • IBSS is one of the world’s elite business schools in Denmark
  • Internationally recognized accreditation from ASIC UK, members of QISAN UK, IACBE, and CPD.
  • The business school has achieved a strong position in business education since 2005.

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  • IBAS offers quality international blended learning into the next decade at affordable fees
  • It develops applied management and business development skills.
  • IBAS has a pentagon accreditation from:
    ACBSP, EduQua, Swiss Private School, ATHE, ISO, and member of CPD.

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3- athe : Level 7 Diploma

  • classified second in the world according to the classification of the best countries of higher education QS HESS
  • officially recognized by the Office of Qualifications in the State of England Ofqual
  • Is a member of the Donors Union for the professional qualifications
  • The State of Wales State Office of Accredited Qualifications QW
  • officially approved in the British education
  • Recognized as well as the state of Ireland CCEA.

4- University of Bolton: TOP-UP

  • initially founded in 1824, has a range of varieties of programs to suit different student needs, also offers research opportunities.
  • The university is known for its industry-relevant learnings and professional focused degree programs.

Why you should study MBA in Egypt?

To choose the ideal MBA in Egypt degree, you must take into account your professional career, what your job objectives are, and, obviously, the most important thing is to choose where you are going to study the MBA.

  • Advance your professional career
  • Change career

However, we can assure you that regardless of your reasons and goals, a Master of Business Administration can provide you with many professional benefits.

The process of completion MBA in Egypt

Element Answer
Duration 18-24 months
Fees Starting from $3200
Accreditation IBSS, IBAS, and Bolton university
Thesis yes
Exams 40% of grade
Assignments 60% of grade