MBA Essay Tips for a standout application

An integral part of any MBA Application process is the MBA essay that is a requirement and crucial application step in most if not all MBA programs. In today’s article, we will be answering the following questions

  • Why do I want an MBA essay?
  • How do you write a good MBA essay?
  • How do you end an MBA essay?
  • How do I write a Harvard MBA essay?

1) Why do I want an MBA Essay?

So let’s start our article which is why would you want an MBA essay question?, funny enough this question could be asked in two ways, the format in which we jut asked and another which refers to one of the most important MBA application essay questions out there, which is why do you want an MBA?

Starting with the first interpretation of the question, the importance of the essay writing question or questions in most business school applications is that those MBA essay questions act as a measuring tool of sorts that the Admissions officers of different schools measure your worthiness as a candidate and if they should grant you a place among their ranks

As for the second format of the question which is “why do you want to get an MBA?. In answering the aforementioned question we would advise you to follow these quick pointers when answering the question

  • Explain the skills that you are missing to achieve your stated long-term goals & how acquiring an MBA degree from the applied school will help you reach your end-goal.
  • Clarify your different knowledge gaps and clarify how acquiring an MBA from this school can help you fill those knowledge gaps
  • Last but not least, you should also, using a fresh perspective, clarify the remaining elements or factors you would need to achieve your end goal and final objective. 

2) How do you write a good MBA essay?

Now we move onto the second most popular questions among many Eager applicants concerning their MBA admission essay and perfecting their writing process which the following pointers, are guaranteed to help you in your task

What you should do

  • Project a proactive attitude and your can-do personality in your answers
  • Don’t get too flashy with your personal statement and keep your ego at bay
  • State exact reasons why you represent a great fit for your school of choice & avoid the standard “I think I would be a great candidate for your school”
  • Write with passion and display what excites you as a person
  • Break the status quote and choose a unique approach, showing them that you are more than meets the eyes
  • If you’ve had an orthodox journey to reach the business schools, talk more about that, sowing you’re a risktaker
  • Talk about your ethnicity, language, culture, or foreign background, but only if it gave you a unique outlook or improved your thought process
  • Don’t just say what you’ve done, support them with real-life examples of your own and that is personal to you
  • Show that your not a robot but a human being by showing a sense of humor of vulnerability

What you shouldn’t do

  • Write about how amazing your high school days were, usually, admission committees are interested in more professional ventures.
  • Submitting essays that are off-topic and don’t really answer any of the addressed questions.
  • Overusing your industries Jargon beyond those needed to add context to your story and drive home your point.
  • Go over the required word limit, which might indicate that you’re unorganized and cant follow instructions.
  • Submitting typo or grammatic error-riddled essays.
  • Sending an essay intentioned for a school to another or forgetting to change the school name.


  • Giving excuses about your undergraduate experience, even if it was one big party, instead sow how you’ve matured and grown up since then.
  • Being in personal in your own personal statement, because as shown by the name its objective is to know more about you not the general state of GMAT scores in America.


  • Being too general and writing in vacuums, make sure your essays are connected, build upon each other, and actually say something. 

3) How do you end an MBA essay?

So know that you know how to navigate the body of comprising the body of your MBA school essay to your selected school of business comes the question oh how to finish it with a bang.

  • Connect your conclusion with your introduction. Just as your Introduction should be intriguing and provoke its reader to go on your conclusion or ending should deliver an equivalent impact and result ina tied in and clearly thought out conclusion that goes with you’re beginning.

  • Throw in a twist. Instead of rephrasing the statements and different ideas in the body of your essay, change things up and go beyond the main argument. For example, if your essay is about learning from one’s mistake then your end should show how you applied the learned lessons and how glorious the result was.

  • Stand out with your conclusion and make it unique. Avoid having a boring conclusion, as it’s your red charry upon the white frosting that is your essay body. This could be done through a group of means, some pretty shocking such as referring to yourself as the next skywalker, and some tamer such as referring to a childhood memory. 

4) How do I write a Harvard MBA essay?

Last but not least, comes one of the most asked questions, which is how to write a Harvard MBA essay?. The answer to that question is deceivingly simple yet somewhat complex with the obvious answer being is to follow the aforementioned instructions and tips & tricks

The general idea however when it comes to Harvard MBA admission essays, in particular, is to

  •  be honest, sincere & authentic in your wording and experiences you write about sharing your unique experiences & mistakes and how you’ve learned from them
  • Read through different application materials such as essays, applications, reading materials application forms that will prevent you from overstepping or going overboard while giving you a more practical idea of what Harvard is looking for.


In conclusion, whether you’re applying to Harvard, Stanford, or any other MBA program, these trips and tricks will come and handy and will surely give you an advantage wherever and whichever admissions committee your MBA essay and application land in front of.

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