Relations between MBA and la casa de papel

Business administration and managerial jobs as we learned from the Spanish series la casa de papel and MBA.

We followed the international hustle and bustle since April 3 with the presentation of the fourth part of a famous Spanish series called ” la casa de papel  “, “House of Cards,” or “Money Hist” on Netflix Entertainment.

The events of the series revolve around a team that challenges the impossible, all the way to the House of Money (the House of Currency Issue in the first half of the events, and in the third and fourth parts, about entering the National Gold Reserve store)

Almost all security agencies gather that bank insurance has become an easy business after the advancement of technical tools and incidents of theft have become very rare, but on the economic level financial markets deteriorate from time to time as a result of external conditions that no one has improved in dealing with or a direct result of failure to manage opportunities and risks.

 Here are now several tips Learned from this technical work and to understand basic management functions

Business administration lesson from la casa de papel


Business is an extended marathon trip, not a quick walk or a short speed race

Planning and forecasting

Your belief in the importance of having a firm message, vision, and long-term plans for the organization is your first weapon to continue with enthusiasm with complete belief that every challenge is a natural step that we must skip to reach the goal by being able to put everything in mind and imagine the worst and predict and use the available resources to reach a solution and always stick to the plan always and never With alternative plans, you can not in any way rely on thought, serendipity, or good luck. These lessons manifested the professor’s behavior and plans for each step, from entry to exit, travel, and living abroad, and the rules governing that. And our advice should be that your company or your life has clear rules. And an internal constitution as a supreme reference.

In this regard, we recall that underestimating events, opponents or circumstances makes the problem exacerbate, which are problems that occurred in the security apparatus in the series, especially during the driving before the investigative stage Raquel.

2.concerns the principle of feelings at work

Leading and emotions

The golden series advice does not mix feelings with work at all because companies aim to succeed and serve the community and obtain profits as a natural and equivalent result for the creative role in solving the problems of the public with useful products or services and therefore must choose the right person in the right place and commitment to professionalism in communication in the work environment without interference dominate relations and Personal considerations, as demonstrated by the professor’s imposition of the policy of divergence and the sanctification of time so that it does not end in fruitless personal discussions.

And we have to understand the wisdom of history in the field of administration, which is that you cannot motivate people with money alone because there are members of the team who participated in work as a matter of adventures such as the Tokyo character or the desire to challenge and a sense of achievement or to help the family

like the Nairobi character or the feeling of pride and leadership like the Berlin character and therefore you have to but You have to create goals beyond that and have a value that the team believes in and is ready to sacrifice for it and this is what happened in the series when the professor spoke that his work is a rebellion against the policy of printing currency without planning

and it becomes normal because it is issued by personalities in the government but it becomes a crime if issued by Individuals and P belief that the professor was not accurate in all his words, but the creation of a revolutionary dimension, making his behavior and his plan acceptable than before and the team prepared to sacrifice, which has already happened in a lot of events where some were sacrificed for the group Greetings from Cairo to Berlin!

And the investigator Sira was able to control the professor’s group thanks to her coolness and dealing with the opponent as an idea without human emotions, which enabled her to achieve many goals, which distinguished her from others because she turned her anger into a plan of action to distinguish away from the dispersed anger of creative ideas

3.the principle of working in groups and specialization


One of the attributes of a successful manager is the ability to effectively organize and divide the work accurately and work in groups for each session, which is what the professor did in every step where everyone participates in the work and there is no increase or decrease in employment or those responsible for the required project and

each member is well trained in his tasks and knows the importance of his role The professor studied well the strengths and weaknesses of each member of his team, a well-designed plan for training and a closed camp that developed their characters and developed alternative plans in anticipation of any mistake and how to deal with it.

The companies will not succeed as long as there is no good planning for the human resources needs in terms of quantity and quality and uphold every role regardless of its size, location and tasks of each person, the communication line,

principles of responsibility and accountability, and the presence of a clear administrative structure that allows the rapid arrival of information and we find this clearly in the series where the professor who is president continues The board of directors with Berlin the general manager,

through which the information is communicated clearly to the team, and the rules of sound leadership are the speedy arrival of the opinions of all to senior management to benefit from the experiences of the most frictionless in practical reality

4.internal and external oversight


The professor surprised us by his methods of monitoring his team’s performance and correcting the track first, and this is the role of the real manager in transferring experiences, periodic evaluation and continuous evaluation.

He was also watching his competitors, studying the market well in business language, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of his competitors to be unique

Analyze the opinions of the public and gain sympathy because it is a good market for what it offers and does based on an understanding of the market. This is also evident in management sciences in the saying of producing what can be marketed and emphasizing the distinctive benefit and developing a competitive advantage to win the masses

In one way or another, the professor watched the market well and literally communicated his messages through the media and with high negotiating skills, often controlling events.

But the mistakes happen and there is no perfect management and he lost many battles and this is the nature of life and I have to continue because you have a cause and purpose greater than just the gain because if the goal was basically money but the bank robbery is much easier but the goal of the final professor was related to the appreciation of his father and other things you will definitely see In the series.

It is worth noting that what keeps companies going is the story behind the brand’s startup, corporate spirit, and organizational culture

Leadership is schools, and according to Posner Research, we will find several personalities, such as the leader, the possible trainer, who can transfer experiences and focus the professor in scenes of planning on imagination, experience and preparation during the stay in the isolated villa.

A wise leader with values ​​and principles like the professor’s personality and basic rules of work like no blood or

And the brave and defiant leader, the defender, who maintains his feelings most of the time and darkens them in order to continue achieving his goal, and I do not mind that he gets excited at times and declares war! Or you might see the investigator Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) as the brave leader who is able to face the impossible

And the dreamer leader with a clear direction when the professor dreamed of a number blinded his imagination and convinced his team and a plan with specific possibilities of access

A valued, appreciative, reassuring and faithful leader in praise or reprimand, or Tokyo’s description of the professor, guardian angel and friend.

You can see the professor as a complete leadership figure or think that he is the only mistaken wolf and that others have been entitled to lead and manage the situation or that he is a carrier of ideas is not creative or you think that the summit of his creativity in choosing from several projects or better plans in terms of realizing the gains realistically

All ideas are acceptable and justified, but it is certain that we are in front of an artistic work that will make you enjoy beautiful evening parties with our complete belief that carrying weapons and storming any institution is an act of criminals in violation of the law.

Share your opinion what are the inspiring lessons or words you learned from the series.

How beautiful is that rose, the rose of the resistor, that rose that grew after his free death and Bella Ciao Ciao  goodbye.

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