2022 Year of MBA

We’ve all heard the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” Covid-19 has put people since 2020 till 2022 to the test on all sides, however, in the absence of clarity regarding career choices, it is best to focus on knowledge and skill building, which may entail Returning to the classroom to prepare himself for the unforeseen future. In that light, an MBA is a great idea anytime.

Whether it is about COVID-19 or at any other time in life, MBAs don’t just teach us technical skills. It provides us with life skills. The skills that are most important at any stage of our career, through the ups and downs. If an MBA is accomplished from the appropriate institute, it can help lead an individual’s career in the direction of his or her choice.

In fact, the emergence of the pandemic has increased the popularity of online programs. Even employers have realized the importance of hiring candidates with the right set of skills rather than just focusing on the way the program or the pedigrees of organizations. Interestingly, according to the Board of Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2020 annual survey, online MBA applications are up 43.5%. Therefore, the MBA would be worth it.

COVID-19 and the skills employers want

This was a key question that the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) sought to answer this year with its Corporate Employment Survey – an annual survey of employers who regularly hire business school graduates. The initial data collection process for this year’s survey came to a close in March, just as the COVID-19 virus escalated into a global pandemic. Due to the significant disruption to recruitment and hiring, the GMAC has conducted an additional wave of data collection focusing on the impact of COVID-19.

A question has been added to the Wave 2 survey was: How has the importance of specific skills or capabilities to your organization changed as a result of COVID-19?

Overall, about 2 in 3 recruiters (68%) agree that new hires’ ability to navigate the challenges of tech disruption has grown in importance, more than any other skill. This includes leveraging different technology platforms to effectively manage teams working remotely, as well as managing companies’ digital strategies as organizational priorities change amid new social distancing standards.

More than half of the recruits responding also said strong communication skills (61%), innovation (54%), possession of a diverse skill set (54%), and strategic thinking (50%) have also increased in importance amid COVID-19.

Confidence in business school hires remains strong

Recruiters’ confidence in the skills and capabilities of business school graduates remains strong even as the pandemic continues to destabilize global economies and shape the future of work.

Prior to COVID-19, 90% of respondents indicated that they were confident or very confident about the ability of business schools to prepare students for success at their institution. That number held steady at 87% in this summer’s survey, highlighting the attractiveness of MBA holders and their ability to perform in times of transformation and change.

More specifically, recruiters most often say that the reason they trust business school hires is their strategic thinking (69% of wave 2 respondents), communication skills (69%), and their diverse skills (68%), and they are prepared to take on leadership roles (46%).

What recruiters are saying about business school graduates?

Across the world, industries and company types, recruiter’s express high levels of interest and confidence in bringing business school graduates into their companies. Here is a sample of some of the open responses from this year’s survey:

“I have a great confidence in hiring those who studied business administration and done real corporate projects and been exposed to significant business ventures…The highly diverse student population prepares them for cross-cultural challenges”.

— Recruiter of the Global Fortune 100 company in Switzerland

“The Graduate School of Business Education equips candidates with the problem-solving skills necessary to navigate a business environment that is constantly evolving”.

— Recruiters from the Global Fortune 100 financial services company in the United States

Business School students learn “how to learn” in fast-paced environments and practice the self-awareness required to adapt to success throughout their careers.

— Recruiter from the Global Fortune 500 consumer products company in the United States

What type of skills do you need to achieve your career goals?

Leading business schools around the world accept the GMAT exam as part of their business school admissions process because it is a proven predictor of your ability to succeed in their classes, assessing your critical thinking, verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills. Applying with a competitive GMAT score demonstrates your commitment and motivation and helps you to stand out in the admissions process.

And in the end we’d like to round off our topic by these words from the executive vice president and chief human resources officer in PepsiCo

“The Future business leaders will require more the skills that will help them meet current and future business challenges, including a digital mindset, focus on continuous learning, ability to make data-driven decisions, and critical thinking”.

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