All you need to know about a Masters in Global Management Specialization

Deciding to pursue a master’s degree in business administration in any field might seem somewhat scary for those attempting it for the first time.

 with all its different formats, types, specialisations & many other aspects that need to be considered before diving into one of the many MBA programs out there, it is definitely not easy. 

One of the most thought consuming and important questions you need to ask yourself is which specialization should you go for. MBAs have many specializations in numerous fields covering everything from entrepreneurship to human resources administration.

One of these specializations that has recently witnessed a rise in demand is the Global Management specialization, but what exactly is, what are its subjects and what future does it hold for its bearer. 

Today we will be answering all of these questions and much more with our article, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin, shall we? 

1) What is a master’s degree in Global Management?

A master in Management is a postgraduate degree and represents one of the most popular MBA specializations out there.

It focuses on providing its students with a deep and advanced understanding of international economics and the effective management of multinational companies and international businesses.

2) Subjects of the Global market Specialization

As we clarified before, this specialization is all about the global context of things, more specifically that of international economics. The skills needed to manage multinationals, international companies and businesses amongst others.

Some of the subjects you might discover are economics, business history, and political science from a global experience perspective. Here is a list of the most common subjects you might stumble on in this specialization

  • Ethnic & race relations

  • Diplomatic strategy

  • Global trade & finance

  • International politics / law

  • Comparative market systems

  • Accounting / Economics

3) Benefits of a Masters in Global Management

Now that you know the type of subjects you’re gonna be dealing with during your time as an MBA student, you’re probably wondering what are the benefits of being a holder of a masters in global management

  • A versatile study experience

One of the great things about this specialization is that it blends the in-depth theoretical classes with several chances to practice and real-life experience, providing for a truly unique learning experience. 

Moreover, you can always enhance and add more variation to your studies by adding one of the many of the interesting electives, such as e-commerce, business ethics & physiology of money.

  • It’s getting more popular by the day.

In the past couple of years, not only has the popularity of this specialization risen in Europe, but also in continents & countries worldwide such as Asia, Australia & Canada.

  • It provides you with unique management skills

Due to the focus of the MBA module in subjects that have a non-local or more global nature such as global business, business management, finance marketing & other it gives you a unique perspective on project management.

Moreover, the English language requirement and cross-cultural aspect of it all provides its students with a more enriched overall experience than what most other specializations provide which allows you to thrive in any business environment. 

  • No experience required for admission

No form of experience is required before admission to the program, yes what you just read is correct, most MBA programs require some form of prior knowledge or work experience beforehand, traditionally 3 to 5 years.

This specialization, however, doesn’t require this, all it requires is a bachelor degree from an accredited university, a GPA of 3.0 or above, and meet the score of the GMAT ( graduate management admission test).

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4) Job Opportunities & Salaries

Now, let’s talk about potential job roles and positions the degree will allow you to fill. In terms of finding a wide array of geat, engaging & intriguing jobs  and positions in need of your expertise, there’s nothing to worry about

Just to give you  an idea of the positions you might fulfill at any given time  and the fields you might be working in, starting with the positions:

  • Risk management Director
  • Corporate Auditing Director
  • Marketing and Sales Director
  • Government Affairs Director

As for Fields:

  • Sales
  • Management 
  • Consulting

When it comes to salaries or yearly revenue, the grass is still green. According to a report by the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, chief executives average around 200,140 dollars while sales managers average around 140,320 dollars, last but not least managing consultants average around 94,39o dollars annually.

Another interesting insight of the report predicts that there is an expected growth in employment for sales managers of 5% from 2018 to 2028, 14% for management analysts and consultants with a 6% for top executives. 

So it seems that the specialization is here to stay, the question is given all your circumstances, is it worth getting an MBA in, and our answer is a strong and resounding yes. 

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