International Business Conference (IBC 2020)

Get to success and attendees wants more!

IBC was held on the Sixth and Seventh of March 2020, Powered by:

Egyptian Cultural Center with the co-operation of International Organization for Managerial Science and International Business Academy.

The conference was opened by Dr. Magdi Saba’, the president of Tanta University, in the presence of:

  • Mahmoud Ahmed Zaki, the Dean of faculty of Engineering at the university.
  • Moftah Al-Harir, the Head of National Planning in Libya And
  • Martin Nielsen, the Owner and founder of IBAS, IBSS, SSBH and other Business Schools too in Denmark, Switzerland and US.

And other Public Figures and Academic Speakers from several countries.

The conference was presented by Mr. Muhammad Nabil Al-Masry, author of “The Map of Richness” book and the first one to talk about the Memetics theory and social engineering in business administration field in the Arab World, who give a wonderful speech and present our speakers.

This conference aims at spreading full awareness in business management field, the outer world and development of management mechanism, and enabling managers and leaders to achieve their strategic vision, then knows how to create a professional environment leading to higher productivity and producing a successful business man able to build capabilities in order to developing a successful management strategies with international quality standards.

All the company owners, project owners, large or small sized company owners, managers, employees and consultants in private sectors inside and outside the Arab World benefit from being a part of this special event.

In this conference, we talked about four of the most important topics in business management: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Project Management under the supervision of Dr. Mostafa Nawareg, Dr. Tarek Amer, Dr. Mona Shawky and Dr. Reda Sabry, respectively.

Several prizes were awarded as a special souvenir including the international federation of training and development organizations of the United Nations, which won by Tanta University.

IBC is one of the most important events in Egypt in 2020, as it achieved a positive and had an impressive reactions to all attendees. As Mr. Medhat thanked all the organizers and told us that he is very excited to start new steps in business management field and is able to take the decision for studying in depth after attending this awesome event.

As Mr. Shehab Salman, An Owner of Trade and Distribution Company, said that this conference is a great addition enormous addition in business administration field in the Egyptian Market. And it is including a very important information and experience to anyone facilitating his needs for more success and progress in our market as whole.

Colonel Eveline Farouk showed us her special impression with the efforts done, good communication and treatment before, during and after the conference. And the good selection for the professors and lecturers and the content. Then she express her desire for continuing more communications later.

Also, Dr. Adnan added and said that the conference organization is such an awesome thing with a professional way, which demonstrate professionalism respect and highly qualified skills for those who are responsible for it. And he wishes to attend more conferences along the same way.

Mr. Muhammad Saeed send a special message as an invitation for business/companies owners or leaders and everyone who would like to raise his efficiency level in practicing and invade the Arab World Market and live such a distinguished experience.

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