The International Business School of Scandinavia

“ The International Business School of Scandinavia is an International Accredited educational institution located in Copenhagen, Denmark”


Global vs. International:

The ethos behind IBSS, is to take into account a changing world which is becoming increasingly globalized. The educational sector works together to create a broader learning platform for students to take advantage of what is available to them. IBSS has created more than just a partnership with these educational sectors.

We have established partnerships in various regions, as well as restructured our organization to be in line with the global world. Our learners at both graduate and postgraduate levels can enjoy the possibility to receive not only learning from a global network of experienced faculty, but also the possibility to learn in a number of different countries.

An example:

A student can start their education in Kuala Lumpur, take a module or semester in Dubai, and then come to Europe or the US to complete their education, whilst still working. Transferring credits from one IBSS location to another is effortless. All locations accepts previous academic credits from the IBSS network.

Our motto: “Every individual has the right to access a quality degree programme at an affordable cost.”

As a global institute of higher education, we have developed our own books and materials which allow us to translate and adjust to our learners needs.

So join us and let us help change your life!