Funny Managers

As a manager you should embrace and encourage stress-free working environment and launch a new organizational culture which is based on balance between strict professionalism and lack of self-discipline while engaging with others.

According to the newest study which was published on SAGE journals revolving about the Impact of Leader Humour on Subordinate Job Satisfaction; The Crucial Role of Leader–Subordinate Relationship Quality, we can conclude that it is important to be excited, enthusiastic and funny leader!

Traditional thoughts from the popular books and literatures often recommends that good sense of humour and good relationships between leaders and his teams is important, but that negative humour should be prevented

Analysis of data from two hundred and forty-one team member under the supervision of seventy leaders in fifty-four organization revealed that the relationship between leader humour and job satisfaction was dependent on the quality of the leader-member relationship, and not the positive/negative status of the leader’s sense of humour.

Humour styles were positively associated with job satisfaction when the relationship was positive, and as a leader you cannot depend on that alone because both types of humour were negatively associated with job satisfaction when the relationship was bad.

 Tips for leaders

  1. First, keep your smile. A smile and a laugh aren’t the similar and as Dr.Rubert Holden once said that we should smile 40 times every day and laugh more than 20 times
  2. Watch comedians and try to be like them because we all know the importance of imitation
  1. Now practice telling stories about your past and the funniest moments and declare them in a humorous way.
  2. Focus on knowing that you will live one time so don’t take everything seriously, better to find a way to laugh at life’s little annoyances.
  3. Read the comics and happy ending stories as well as writing all positive things that is happening right now in your life and of course your good achievements especially your good performance regarding relationships.
  4. Social photographs and funny photos of your life and write funny captions
  5. Jokes and sharing great memories, every night at dinner, make family members share their good memories and achievements in life because everybody love to talk about him self

Last but not least, leaders should avoid to be silly and exaggerating because exaggeration is toxic and we don’t hypocrites to be the stars due to their ability to laugh even if they don’t want to and without even noticing that , you will be influenced by their quick response and continuous encouragement act performed by them.

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