Functions of Human Resources Management

Human resources management is in charge of obtaining and coordinating the people of an organization so that they achieve the established goals. For this, it is very important to take care of human relationships. This process requires an objective consistent with company policies where this department must maintain the most valuable asset of any organization such as people.

Today, HR Management works in conjunction with all staff from the bottom echelon of the organization chart to the managerial level of each of the different Departments. For this reason, the HR Manager maintains interdepartmental relationships with all employees so that effective communication and exclusive treatment are maintained with employees at all levels of the organization.

  Responsibility of Human Resources Department   :

  • Understanding and relating to employees as individuals, making identifying individual needs to help you be more effective within the job position.
  • Development of positive interactions between workers, so that an optimal environment is maintained that can guarantee good productivity in the company.
  • Identify the areas that have certain weaknesses in terms of knowledge to play a good role in the execution of their tasks, these weaknesses are the basis for HR to establish corrective measures in the form of workshops and seminars.
  • Generate a platform for all employees to express their objectives and provide the necessary resources to carry out professional and personal programs, essentially in that order.
  • Recruitment of the required workforce, so that when there is a vacancy available, the most suitable person can be selected to fill the position.
  • The human resources department also maintains an open attitude to complaints from employees, seeking that they can approach the HR Department to bring any concerns that affect them within the workplace.
  • It is the department responsible for carrying out performance evaluations of each of the company’s workers so that they can serve as the basis for any promotion, as well as identifying any weakness that may serve to provide training to the employee according to the weakness found. .
  • Promotions, transfers, or the expulsion of the services provided by the employee are some of the functions that are applied by the human resources department. Promotions are carried out and are primarily based on the individual’s overall performance, accompanied by the span or tenure that has served the organization.

The HR Department is responsible for maintaining synergy within the company with each of the employees so that they feel august with the work they do so that they feel part of the company, this helps that jointly working as a team employees can achieve the organizational goals established by the company. To achieve this synergy among employees, the HR department must focus on keeping them motivated to do their job better every day.

Human resource management functions

Human Resources Management is the administrative process applied to the increase and preservation of the effort, practices, health, knowledge, skills, etc., of the members of the structure, for the benefit of a subject, of the organization itself and of the country in general.

Similarly, we can say that we carry out the process of helping employees to achieve a level of performance and a quality of personal and social behavior that meets their personal needs and expectations.

Human Resources Management consists of planning, organizing, and developing everything related to promoting the efficient performance of the personnel that makes up a structure.

Human Resources Management in an organization represents the means that allow people to collaborate in it and achieve individual objectives related directly or indirectly to work.

Managing Human Resources means conquering and maintaining the people and members of an organization, in a harmonious, positive, and favorable work environment. It represents all those things that make the staff stay in the organization

The objectives of Human Resource Management derive from the objectives of the organization.

One of the main objectives that characterize any company is the elaboration, distribution, and commercialization of some product, good or service (as a specialized activity). Similar to the objectives of the organization, Human Resources Management must consider the individual objectives of its members as the essence of their personal and corporate development, that is, a mixture of growth for both the company and the employees.

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