Five early-career Enders you should avoid

The world that we once knew has drastically changed Since the outburst of the COVID 19 epidemic, Businesses have tumbled, others have risen to glory, some were let out of a job, some other experienced salary cut downs and for others, the change was somewhat minimal.

Despite all of this the politics and tactics of navigating a modern-day working environment stay the same. with the generalization of the remote work format, more and more companies & employees preparing themselves for probably another year of working from home.

To make that period as stress-free and productive for you as possible, we decided to tell you five of the most common and critical career enders or killers that you might be doing without even noticing. Yes you could be doing any of these actions without having any intention to do so, and here are some Statistics for you to support this claim:

Important Statistics:

  • As Per The article Written in Forbes. Com, as per a survey by that 83% have seen someone make a blunder that leads to a catastrophic career, business & reputation results. Moreover, 69% admitted that they had done actions that resulted in damaging their careers.
  • 31% said that their mistake cost them a raise or promotion, 27% said it damaged a workplace relationship & last but not least 11% of them admitted that it destroyed their reputation.

The Five Destroyers:

1. Playing Politics

Developing a mature, strong & real work relationship with your manager & coworkers is built on hard work & Engaging. It is not however built on undermining colleagues, choosing sides, spreading rumours & instigating conflict.

Aside from yourself, there is another radius of damage you’re causing to your fellow workmates by creating a Toxic and mistrust injected working environment.

Here are some statistics that show the negative effect a toxic individual can have on his working Environment:

Important Statistics:

  • According to a Study held by Harvard, Avoiding a toxic Hire could save over 12,500$ in cost.
  • 78% of the employees mentioned that their overall commitment lessened after being subject to toxic behaviour. Another 80% lost valuable time worrying about the rudeness of the offending employee.

2. Over promising but Under Delivering:

It’s tempting to promise the next revolutionary idea to your manager or overextend when helping your teammates and bite off more than you can chew.

This is especially problematic when you are a hardworking and energetic person as in that situation you don’t mean to over promise, but rather believe you can actually do it.

The harm of over-promising and under-delivering comes in firstly, the embarrassment and disappointment you feel when under-delivering after a big hype.

Another drawback is the extra pressure created by it, alongside the sense of mistrust and the negative reputation you will garner as someone who doesn’t fulfil his promises, effectively killing your chances for future opportunities.

Important Statistics:

  • According to a study done by Harvard & mentioned on Inc .com, over 60,000 employees found that the superstar employee model, one that has all the desired values & delivers consistently,  brings in over 5,300$ in form of cost savings.

3. Complacency

Complacency is not just the killer of careers, but a killer of any positive effort. Let me ask you a question when did you last do the simple action of updating your C.V, or just learned a new skill, been a while right?.

Complacency usually sets in when you stop being the drier and turn into a passenger just going on the ride. This does not only mean that you won’t be able to join a different company wit different benefits but your even less likely to upgrade or reach a new milestone in the one you’re in now.

4. Ignoring your co-workers & an inflating Ego

Gone are the days where you could simply just go to work, check-in at the right time, excel and just depend on the work you’ve done to promote your Work.

Today it’s about how you network with not Just your workmates, but everyone you meet. It might sound strange that i said everyone you meet instead of specifying people from your line of Business but ill explain why soon.

The reason I say anyone is because you never know what connection could be the source of the pro tip or your next big break. As for the reason why you need to establish networks with the right people and generally with those around you, there’s a lot of those.

Let start a question, when you remember a teammate do you remember your conversation, lunch breaks with him or his work?. My bet is that most of you went for the first option and the reason behind that is that is what resonates with people in general.  i am not by any means saying that if your unqualified you should still level up in your career, but it definitely wouldn’t harm you to get in touch and communicate with those around you, so that when the next good thing comes your the first person on their mind.

Of course, for this to happen you need to also let go of your Ego and be ready to empty your cup and know that you do not know everything in the world.

5. Fear of change

We all know that change is scary and we don’t blame you for feeling that way, but here’s a good question to ask yourself, when was the last time you did something out of my comfort zone?

Usually Complacency & fear of change go hand in hand, as because you fear what is new you become more complacent with your current situation and it, in turn, becomes your new or god forbid permanent comfort zone

If anything the Corona epidemic has shown us is that the future belongs to those who are flexible and can adapt and react quickly to their market. The same applies to the employment sector the more knowledge and try new things, you will have more options and opportunities you will open up for yourself. Here’s an interesting statistic for you:

Important Statistics: As per a survey, 91 per cent stated that the employees who can best adapt are the most successful.

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These were 5 things that could end up costing you your Job so avoid these mishaps and you will take the world by storm. We know its hard to monitor these actions while they might consume time and effort from your friends, workplace, daily and friends the results are beyond worth it

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