Certificates business executives and managers should consider in 2020

It’s common nowadays to find online courses, webinars, hackathons & all sorts of websites and institutions offering different certificates and postgraduate degrees such as the MBAs and DBAs in all walks and fields of life. Recently there has been a rise in business certifications have been on a rise for executive and managerial and more entry to intermediate level positions.

For someone at an entry-level job or an intermediate one the options in terms of what form of post-graduate certification or courses would not be that complex, while on a managerial or executive level, however, it’s not the same story.

This is mainly because by the time someone has reached a management or executive position he might have already resolved several situations & gained enough practical experience that simply cannot be offered in the form of a syllabus, no matter how sophisticated & in-depth it is. 

We beg to differ though and decided that there are a couple of worthwhile leadership & management certificates out there, that might pleasantly surprise you. So let’s dive in and see what great options that might be in store for you out there as we navigate the most important certifications for business executives & managers.

1) The Top certificates in Numbers

So lets first start with the numerical aspect of each of the certificates that we will be taking a look at today. And by the numerical side, i mean the number of those employed in different platform per professional certificate.

  • The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) has a total of 970 individuals hires, 613 on SimplyHired & the remaining 357 were employed via Linkedin
  • The business analysis professional  (CBAP)  boasts employment rates of 1,158,  324 of which were appointed through  SimplyHired & the remaining 834 via LinkedIn jobs
  • The Certified Supply Chain Professional ( CSCP)  has an employment rate of 1453, 563 of which are from SimplyHired  and the remaining 889 from Linkedin
  • Project management Professional ( PMP ) employed 44,122, 14,136 of them via SimplyHired and the remaining 29,986 through Linkedin
  • SAP Certified Application Associate Business Planning and Consolidation, a total of 522 were employed & 449 via SimplyHired and the rest from Linkedin Jobs. 

2) The certificates in Detail

Now that you have an idea about the employment aspect so the above-mentioned certificates lets take a deeper look into these certifications and what they can offer you. 

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

This certificate is provided by the esteemed Project Management Institute ( PMI ), which has been around since 1969 and has helped several of those working in the field of business to develop their career in Project management and providing many certificates including the CAPM.

This certificate is the best fit for up and coming and new PMs, to qualify for this program you need to provide proof of the following, your high school diploma, associate degree or its global equivalent if non of the mentioned above are available

The test is a total of 150 questions, it costs 225$ for PMI members and 300$ for a non-member. As for attendance requirements, your required to have attended 1,500 hours of project experience and 23 of project management education.

Average Salary:

The CPMA is considered one of the highest business paying certifications, with the annual salary of its holders averaging around 101,103$. 

The business analysis professional  (CBAP)

This certificate is all about analyzing business needs & providing solutions than this certificate would be perfect for you provided and courtesy of the International Institute of Business Analysis ( IBBA )

This certificate is aimed at those who assume managerial and leadership roles with over 5 years of business analysis.

For this certificate, a minimum of 7,500$ hours of business analysis experience across the last decade and must be in adherence with the six Babok Guide book. The exam is a multiple-choice questions test of 120 questions 

For IIBA members the exam fee is 325$ and 450$ for non-members and another 125$ to maintain the certificate, 

Average Salary:

The average annual salary of a CBAP holder is around 90,000$

Supply Chain Professional Certificate   (CSCP)

The CSCP certificate focuses mainly on everything to do with supply management. With that objective in mind, to prepare leaders, supervisors and qualifies supply chain operators the APICS offers the CSCP among other certifications.

Aside from covering all that is related to supply chains, the certificate also  covers other subjects such as the end to end operations

To qualify for the certificate, a bachelor degree is needed or at least one other equivalent degree, another approved certification & a minimu3 years of relevant business experience. As for the exam it costs from 695$ to 965$ 

Average Salary:

The average annual salary of a CSCP holder is around 80,000$

Project Management Professional Certificate  (PMP)

Your Conte

The PMP certificate or in better terms accreditation is one of the most sought out certifications in the fields of business and IT. The qualifying requirements for this certificate is not a walk in the park either, 

If you will pursue the business side of the project management you will need a high school diploma, associate degree or a global equivalent, 7,500 hours of experience leading projects and 35 hours of project management experience

As for the IT route, you will need a four-year degree, 4,500 hours of experience leading projects and 35 hours of project management experience


The exam is 200 questions and its cost is  405$ for PMI members & 555$ for non-memebers 

Average Salary:

The average annual salary of a PMP holder is around 80,000$ to 110,000$

Sap Certified Application Associate ( CRM )

You guys might not be familiar with the concept of what an SAP is a European multinational software program, CRMs or customer relation system is used to manage the business operations and customer relationships. 

The certification or SAP Certified Application Associates teaches you all that is related to managing, updating and enhancing the CRM system.

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3) Other Certifications

Aside of the other above mentioned certificates, there are a couple of other certificates might prove extremely beneficial depending on what your objective is out of getting the certificate. 

For a more intermediate certificate or rather a degree would be a masters degree in business administration.  Which covers a  wide range of topics whether that be managing projects. Management skills and other covered topics

In Conclusion, there are many certificates, courses & sources of information for everyone at any stage of employment, what path you choose you go for is your choice and we wish you the best of like. 

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