The best online learning sites you should be checking out right now

In today’s modern world almost every aspect of our life has taken somewhat of a digital form whether in terms of traditional education, traditional working setup, or the many new ways by which we acquire information. 

As a result of this previously mentioned technological evolution a surge of mobile apps, educational courses, and different websites all offering valuable nuggets of information and exciting courses in almost every topic out there. All of this is surely great and allows people, from all around the world to exceed and bypass the different barriers of traditional education

Realizing how difficult this decision might be we decided to help you out with a comprehensive list of some of the best Paid & free websites out there and why you should be a frequent visitor of those amazing learning platforms. So without any further ado here are some of the best online learning websites out there and what makes them stand out from each other 

1) Lynda

One of the most famous and well known online education and learning sites out there is definitely  Lynda. Lynda has been around since 1995 and initially was focused and dedicated mostly to business and technology courses. 

Lynda offers a Subscription-based video tutorial library of courses and lecture videos all covering a wide array of different specializations covering anything from 3d animation to project management & data science.

The courses include several other ways to test your information and how much you’ve soaked in from the course until now such as quizzes, final examinations & other similar activities. 

A second and prominent advantage of Lynda as a platform is that if you’re confused about where to start from or what courses would service the career path you’re going for then you can make use of Lynda’s already existing learning paths in almost every field out there. 

2) Udemy

Another household name in the field of online education would definitely be Udemy. Hosting over 55,000 courses it would be safe to say that whatever your field is or what you’re looking to get out of the experience you’re gonna find what you need there. Udemy offers the same style of video lectured courses that Lynda offers minus the subscription pricing model which is replaced for courses being sold individually. 

The defining factor of Udemy would most likely be the price of the courses it offers. Course prices irrespective of being in the field of computer science, web development, or any other field could range from 9$ to 500$ depending on a group of factors including the Tutor, Reviews, Ranking, and subjects of the course with sales being frequent and several places offering discount coupons.

3) Linkedin learning

Although not as old as the previous platforms Linkedin Learning has gained a massive boost in these last couple of years alongside its parent-professional networking Platform Linkedin. 

Linkedin learning similar to Udemy & Lynda is a video lecture-based online learning platform and also opts for a Subscription-based model, that is similar but not identical to that of Lynda as unlimited or majority access to the LinkedIn learning courses is part of the benefits you get with Linkedin premium bundles and you can also purchase these courses as a standalone course. 

The platform offers courses that cover a wide array of topics and subject matters in almost every field out here and distinguishes itself by providing consistent quality, up to date and job market-driven course material lectured by the pros of their respective industries & finally recognized certificates in the job market.

4) Coursera

Coursera is probably the most well-known platform out of all the previously mentioned platforms. Coursera is not only one of the massive providers of open online courses and other open learning options and it also enjoys several partnerships with top universities & and educational universities in the world such as Harvard, Stanford & the University of Michigan among others.

The pricing model for Coursera is actually two folds where you can purchase the courses online as standalone courses and also as a benefit with one of Coursera’s subscription paths. 

Alongside the previously mentioned courses, the  platform also offers other open learning options such as professional certificates, Higher educational degrees such as MBAs and DBAs, and career-oriented learning paths  

5) Khan academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to providing free but quality education for anyone in the world & is a true pioneer in the field of Open culture education.

The platform offers a group of micro-lectures, instructional videos, practice assignments & other means to further develop and sharpen your skills. The website mainly focuses on the fields of humanities, science, mathematics, economics & computer programming. With a professional dashboard, a well-organized interface, and the will to learn you will be well on your way 

In conclusion, the online platforms and websites offering great learning experiences are many, including some other options we did not include such as Ted-ed, Alison, edx & Future Learn among others. We hope you have found this article informative and that it has introduced you to some great self-learning platforms.  

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