The best business blogs you need to be checking out right now

One of our main and frequently visited sources of information and updates is the blogs, irrespective of the field. Today we will be exploring the best Business blogs out there

  1. Mashable
  2. Fast Company
  3. Forbes, Entrepreneurs
  4. Tech Crunch
  5. Venture Beat
  6. Chris Borgan
  7. Duct Tape Marketing
  8. Marketing Profs: Small Business
  9. I will teach you to be rich
  10.  Small Business Trends

In today’s modern age and with google valuing rich and customer servicing content more than ever and increasingly so which has led to the increased importance of having quality blog sections that host productive and entertaining content as part of a sound content marketing & general marketing strategy.

Today we shall be exploring some of the best business blogs out there that offer valuable business advice, business news, and insights case studies, and many other nuggets of useful information. So without further ado let the countdown begin 

1) Mashable

Starting with the first entry of our list, Mashable is a great one-stop-shop for all of your business needs. Mashable takes a somewhat humorous and light hatred approach to business news and business blogging, focusing on providing a group of variant, entertaining & thought-provoking opinion pieces and occasional memes adding some internet humor to a most serious subject matter. 

In short, mashable is a great place for small business owners & big business owners alike while enjoying a much-welcomed sense of humor to the subject.

2) Fast Company

One of the standout features of the fast company blog and blog posts, in general, is that they are not only visually appealing but also mentally appealing with creative and compelling articles and blog posts covering an array of different subjects concerning entrepreneurship, design, industry influencers guest posts & technology trends among other interesting and intriguing subject matters that would all prove beneficial for those who are starting a business, already running a business or last but not least, further grow their businesses, making it a great small business blog. 

3) Forbes Entrepreneurs

Forbes as a name in not only the field of news reporting, business and high profile and carefully curated and assembled blogs and content pieces that truly impress. In the words of the media behemoth itself, Forbes describes itself as a leading source of reliable business news and financial information, primarily targeted towards small and business owners alike, sometimes annoying pop-up screens and all

4) Tech Crunch

Despite what the name may project Tech Crunch is not a solely technological dedicated website, it tracks news and pieces about startups, new technologies, internet products, and other pieces of fresh news of the tech and business world. Another positive aspect of this worthy news outlet is the numerous real-life events that it hosts throughout the year. 

5) Venture Beat

Venture lab prides itself in not just capturing the latest in disruptive & intriguing news but also in a team of experienced journalists. Primarily focusing on the latest in the world of tech but it is often in today’s world that technology and its developments go hand in hand with business.

 Many consider it a great source and tool in understanding the effects of the latest technology industries developments and the effects of them on both your personal life and business if any. Interested in exploring more interesting subjects, then check out our blog.

6) Chris Borgan

Despite this blog being more of a personal venture and individual contribution from Chris Brogan himself, a highly celebrated American Journalist, marketing consultant, author, and speaker on social media marketing. The reason why the website has a place on the list is his conversational writing style and standout opinions alongside a number of selfies just for fun.

7) Duct Tape Marketing

Similar to the tool that every DIY enthusiast is well familiar with, Duck tape, this website has proved of equal utility. The website hosts a group of marketing and business blogs from both industries leading insights making it both an excellent business and marketing blog of great usefulness to any digital marketer. Duct Tape Marketing also hosts several free ebooks.

8) Marketing Profs

When it comes to quality marketing blogs & as the name suggests marketing profs, the marketing blog & more specifically their small business section has proved many times over useful for entrepreneurs looking for SMB strategies and tips & tricks, this blog is the one for you.

9) I will teach you to be rich

Well, not me personally as the article writer that is XD, but the website of the same name surely has the potential & ability to do exactly that. The blog is written by Ramit Sithi, a new york times bestseller & attendee of the prestigious Stanford University as a student of human behavior & psychology.

Motivated by the lack of what he saw as outdated tips on how to generate wealth and make money so he created his very own no-nonsense publication. His blogs share the same tone and the theme of his book with a wide array of personal insights, case studies that truly liven up the customer experience which ultimately pays of in search engine result placements

10) Small business trends

Last but not least, comes our final entry and another great heading for all you small business owners and entrepreneurs out there. Another advantage of the content you will find on the website is that it’s also geared towards freelancers & other contractors, with the content being provided by a professional editorial staff alongside 400 experts all providing valuable & great insights, news, and advice.  


Wrapping it all up, all thee websites and more provide a great opportunity to expand on one’s knowledge and broaden your horizons as a business owner, tech enthusiast, budding marketeer or soon to be business guru, we can truly recommend these websites as a great method to get updates and deepen the depth of your knowledge

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