Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration “BBA”: Full Guide

The concept of business school dates back to 1967, when Great Britain created the first business schools, located in London and Manchester. Within a few years, business schools were established in France, Spain, and Switzerland. This marked the beginning of a new format of popular education in Europe.

Business studies are a way for young professional graduates with considerable work experience to gain new and up-to-date knowledge that is not available in many classical-style university degree programs.

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Why study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration?

The Bachelor of Business Administration is perhaps one of the most versatile academic programs since it prepares professionals to work in different areas of companies and organizations. In addition, it is one of the most in-demand careers in the labor market.  


A versatile degree 

By studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, the student can learn about the different areas of management of an organization, with a global approach, and develop the skills to carry out their activity in each of them: from finances to marketing, from resources humans to accounting.

Multiple professional opportunities

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to work in public and private, national and international companies, and in different areas, as an administrator, consultant, official, manager or auditor.

In fact, this program opens the doors to performing senior management tasks in a company or organization, making strategic decisions for companies, to design action plans to boost business competitiveness, organizing and managing commercial activity and the different channels of distribution and logistics, managing work teams, as well as enhance and manage the talent of the organization’s staff, and finally implement Marketing, Communication, and Commercial Management strategies.


 Be a leader of your own business

This type of program provides the necessary tools for your business idea to become a reality. Thanks to the transversal skills and competencies acquired during the course, the student will be able to develop their business project from scratch, being competent in the different areas of the company. 

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The main reasons to study BBA:

  • Practical approach

As a general rule, people with academic degrees and a clear vision of business conduct find in business schools a learning process that combines academic knowledge and practical applications.

Business schools generally offer a wide range of degrees and specialties, including programs such as:


.  MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a diverse specialization.

It is a “generalist” program that prepares students to assume positions of responsibility in companies.

. Master Programs

Such as International Business, Finance, Marketing, and International Law, among others.


. Professional programs

Financial Accounting, Management Accounting Marketing, and more.


. Business courses and seminars.

They will complement your training by being an important reference on your resume.


.  English programs.

Mastery of English is essential, being a mandatory requirement to overcome business boundaries. Their knowledge provides differential value to master’s studies.

  • Technology

Most business schools provide a comfortable study environment, with spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technologies and huge libraries. All students have access to modern databases that include business-related materials as well as various scientific works.

  • They are part of a Global Network

Small class sizes are another advantage that business schools offer. Students receive undivided attention from teachers, the opportunity to express their opinions, and many opportunities to test their skills in class activities.


Most business students are between 25 and 40 years old. Apart from the useful exchange of information between students, business schools hire professors who work in the professional field they teach, such as managers in international companies. Some universities have established successful relationships with world-renowned brands and corporations, many of which offer internships to students.


Business school students become part of a global network system, a community that exchanges experience and knowledge with peers around the world. Business school graduates can even enter into partnerships based on relationships and connections created during their years of study.

  • Employment as an integral part of education

Business schools pay great attention to the employment needs of their graduates. Many people seeking a career change enroll in business schools in order to receive professional retraining. Such educational institutions have a large database of employers that help promote the employability of graduates in companies.

Business schools also host regular career fairs, which are a great opportunity for students to meet potential employers.

  • In-person or online mode

Because people who carry out this type of study must combine their jobs with their work as students, business schools give you the choice of the modality you prefer, which can be in-person or online. Recently, many business schools have implemented online education methods. Distance learning is increasingly popular among students and, therefore, you can opt for classes that are taught through interactive learning platforms, specially developed by the business school.

  • Expand your knowledge

Studying at a Business School allows you to expand your knowledge in areas linked to business such as marketing management and administration.

  • Possibility of scholarship

Often the programs that these centers usually offer involve a significant expenditure of money that not everyone can afford. Due to this, business schools provide students with scholarships so that they can access study programs

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 Why you should study BBA with IBAS, and Vern?

Aware of the importance of guaranteeing flexibility to students so that they can reconcile their work and personal commitments and their training, Universidad IBAS, and Vern will teach the Bachelor of Business Administration in online mode. 

The first-class teaching staff, as well as the e-learning platform, recognized as one of the best in Europe, have allowed the institution to become one of the best values in the world for its online training. 

The distance learning is intuitive and simple and in addition to basic functions such as accessing training material, virtual classes, grades, and exams, it offers multimedia resources prepared by teachers to complement the training. Likewise, it allows you to attend live virtual sessions and gives access to discussion forums, where students can develop collaborative activities and share knowledge. The possibility of interacting flexibly with professionals from different sectors and backgrounds facilitates networking and replaces the distances of the online methodology.

Each student will have a team of tutors and counselors who will be available to guide them whenever they need it.

Each of its degrees has a perfect study plan where you can develop skills to be a positive action leader and, above all, a great leader in your area of work. 

This degree will provide you with global competitive training, which includes experiences of entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership, skills, and competencies that generate value for the company and allow you to strengthen, as well as identify and develop new businesses.

3 reasons to study BBA with IBAS

Learn 3 reasons to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management

  • Become a global business leader

You will develop your leadership and decision-making skills:

As a future director of a company, you must look for the best alternatives that suit your business for its growth and economic development. Therefore, leadership and decision-making skills are strategic elements that you will learn at IBAS, providing you with added value and a highly competitive level.


  • You will have great job opportunities 

With the degree you will identify business opportunities, understand the socioeconomic environment in which any company develops, and make decisions that promote its growth and sustainability.

Due to this and the great leadership capacity that you will develop, you will be able to work as General Director of Public or Private Companies, Director of the Human Resources Department, Director of the Finance Department, Executive in Banking and Stock Market Institutions, Director of the Administrative Department, Financial Analyst or Consultant; among others.


  • You will be part of the growth and development of your country 

Given that companies and organizations are the engine of growth, they require administrators with solid comprehensive training, capable of assuming leadership in the different areas of the company, and with this, obtaining efficient management of human, financial, and material resources to achieve the sustainability that drives this growth.

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 Join the Bachelor of Business Administration program offered by VERN and IBAS, which will equip you with the tools you need to succeed and take advantage of a broad spectrum of business possibilities.

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