Be Proactive with your future with Asia e University & the International Foundation program

There are three types of individuals in this world, those who are active, those who are passive, and a mere 10% of the world are the proactive ones & that applies to everything in life, especially your learning journey & future employment. Today the Asia e University or AEU for short offers you just that and a chase to join those proactive 10 percent with the International Foundation Program (IFP). 

The IFP is a program designed to enable and properly prep undergraduates with the social and knowledge gaining skill set, preparing for their future demanding college life. The IFP is not just another accredited and globally recognized designation but also opens several pathways to students in world-renowned colleges and introduces you to a network and the perfect passway for you to enter yourself into tertiary education. The IFP program also introduces you to the international gold standards & curriculum designed by the London School of Economics & Political science.

As for the two providers of this program, the London University & the Asia e University you are in more than safe hands. London University is regarded as a benchmark of excellence  & held in high regard by students and educational bodies alike. The UOL offers the IFP program in both a full-time and a part-time format. Adding to the previously mentioned points, the IFP as a program is approved by the Ministry of education, Malaysia & accredited & recognized by the Malaysian qualification Industry (MQA). 

As for Asia e University, it’s one of the leading educational bodies of Asia in terms of flexible & affordable digital education that offers a comprehensive range of subjects that include Education, Arts & Sciences, social science, Business & Management & Humanities among others, The IFP is a great learning chance for those who are yet to experience College life & is definitely checking it out, now that it’s offered by Asia e University. 

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