Artificial intelligence marketing

Today we are in a digital world dominated by modern electronic devices and controlled by search engines and virtual worlds, where we can obtain information about anything in the world at the touch of a button. Thanks to Information Technology and artificial intelligence, which have become an integral part of our daily lives 

This was demonstrated in marketing, where the Business insider report showed that 51% of marketers use at least some form of artificial intelligence, and 27% plan to add it to their marketing strategies in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence has helped many marketers quickly collect and analyze huge amounts of data from emails, social networks, and websites. This led to marketers’ ability to use the results of those analyses to enhance the performance of their marketing campaigns and improve the ROI return on investment.

But what is artificial intelligence? What are its uses and importance in marketing?  And how it can help marketers to achieve their goals and enhance the performance of their marketing campaigns?, this is what we will address in our next article 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence represents all systems and devices that simulate the pattern of human intelligence in performing various tasks and that can improve themselves automatically based on the information they collect and analyze in order to significantly enhance human capabilities to do tasks more efficiently.

What is artificial intelligence marketing?

Artificial intelligence marketing is defined as the use of modern technologies to collect and analyze data, which helps to deeply understand customers, and know their orientations, thus predicting their next moves and making automated decisions according to that information, which contributes to the development and acceleration of marketing processes and improving the customer journey.

This is shown in many programs such as the use of Gmail software. Which uses machine intelligence in the field of smart writing, so it reads the text you are writing, understands it, expects what you will write next, and then shows these suggestions to you to speed up the writing process.

The importance of using AI in marketing

  • A greater understanding of customers: 76% of customers expect or more clearly need companies to understand their expectations and needs and with artificial intelligence technologies, it has become easier for marketers to understand what consumers think and feel about their brand, which contributes to improving their user experience while achieving the greatest efficiency and effectiveness  
  • Errors Reduction: artificial intelligence has contributed to significantly reducing human intervention in marketing processes, thereby reducing human errors that can occur, especially those related to data security. And even contribute to making marketing campaigns relevant to the target audience and thereby increasing the efficiency of the services provided Raising the rate of return on investment, as artificial intelligence helped to improve the customer satisfaction rate for 75% of the organizations using it by 10%, and 3 out of 4 companies that implemented artificial intelligence increased sales by 10% too
  • minimize costs: artificial intelligence technologies contribute to getting rid of many processes that drain the organization’s resources, as repetitive tasks that need many resources to be completed can be completed faster, more efficiently, with higher accuracy and fewer operational processes, which in turn minimize costs and maximize revenue.

What are the ways to use AI marketing?

  • Sales forecasting.

The application of artificial intelligence in marketing helps to predict future sales and the rate of demand for products and services provided by the enterprise. Through customers ‘ previous purchases, it is possible to predict which products they will purchase later and determine their quantity. Thus determining which product should be promoted to increase sales. This method also helps to avoid overselling a product or selling products that are not available. It also helps with inventory management processes and predicts the number of products that should be available in the store.

  • Data collection.

 There is no place for improvisation in today’s world, all your marketing decisions should be made based on data, as data and information in our time is one of the most important resources of the company, if not the most important at all, as artificial intelligence can collect a huge amount of data from social networks and the web and analyze them, and these data contribute

  • Data analysis 

Artificial intelligence programs can analyze how your consumers think about your brand, where it is possible to find out whether your brand is remembered well, poorly, or neutrally and identify influencers in the field, identify phrases and topics that your potential customers are interested in.

A/B tests are one of the most important examples of the importance of using artificial intelligence in marketing. It is a marketing technique based on comparing two versions of a page on a site to determine which of the two versions customers and visitors respond to best, that is, the one that achieves the highest conversion rate. Because it is a complex process and needs to analyze a lot of data, it is difficult to adopt it manually. Therefore, AI technologies help perform A/B tests and analyze the results faster and more efficiently than humans.


 Artificial intelligence marketing has made tremendous progress in the past few years, and it is expected to become an indispensable element in any company in the coming years, so marketers, managers, and owners should realize its importance as one of the most powerful and influential tools in our world today, which should be exploited and utilized to achieve the best results, and improve the return on investment

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