5 prospects that masters in business administration will open for you

If you want to know more about masters in business administration “MBA” and the prospects that will be opened for you. You just need to read this article and you’ll take your decision instantly.


• The Versatility of MBA.

• Gaining highly desirable skills.

• MBA holder gain highest salaries on the job market.

• Start your own business from scratch.

• MBA is a great way for career change and thriving business opportunities.

• Why should you choose ECC to take your MBA from?

There are 5 prospects and opportunities you will gain from your study for master in business administration. You want to know about.

The Versatility of MBA

The beauty of an MBA is its Versatility. you can learn many fields of study that qualify you to more opportunities to have a job in different business sectors.

• General Management

• International Business

• Strategic Management

• Marketing

• Finance

• Entrepreneurship

• Operations Management

• IT Management

• Human Resources

• Consulting

This fields will give you the ability to work as:

• Management Analyst

• Investment Banker

• Marketing Manager

• Finance Manager

• Financial Advisor

• Information Technology Manager

• HR Manager

• Business Consultant

Your MBA will differentiate yourself in a crowded market. And will make it easier for you to Compete for the most sought-after jobs is greater than ever before.

This difference is rolling around your unique skills like

• Leadership skill

• people management skill

• Developing, advertising and selling your products or services skill.

• The ability in Networking and creating connections or partnerships.

• Managing difficult situations (e.g. financial crisis, public scandals).

• Maintain the company’s finances healthy.

• maintain the company’s perfect image.

• create and interpret reports based on industry data.

• Hire most talented and improved employee.

• Design hierarchies that help the company thrive.

• Make tough actions at the right time.

MBA holders gain the highest salaries on the job market

MBA degree holders have highest salaries between their graduation mates. The average income for an MBA holder is higher than an employee’s with a regular Master’s.

You can expect to earn double the amount than what you would get from a regular university degree.

Start your own business from scratch


MBA qualify you to create your own business and to become one of entrepreneurs and learn how to start and grow a business.

To those who have a big dream and want to know how to turn it into reality. Here’s why an MBA can help you to be successful entrepreneur:

• MBA professors will tell you about needed experience to start your own business.

• They will inform you about major traps you need to avoid and what steps you should follow to make sure of the growth and stability of your company.

• You can Share your ideas with MBA colleagues who have similar interests and learn more about their own opinions.

• You will learn more about communication skills, how to communicate effectively, and why it’s so important to the success of any organization. This will develop your skill in negotiating contracts with suppliers or in explaining your vision to potential investors

MBA is a great way for a career change


MBA makes you able to change the industry you work in or move into an advanced managerial or managerial position.

According to a study, there is 1 from 3 potential MBA students use their MBA to find opportunities in new industries they have never worked in before.ent Goes Here

Why should you choose ECC to take your MBA from?


Here’s why should you choose ECC to take your MBA from:

• ECC Has ATHE and Eduqual Accreditations, Partner to MGW (My Global World Education),

• Agent for AeU (Asia e University), Malaysia. Bolton University, UK. the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

• Has Membership with IFTDO (International Federation of Training and Development Organizations) & WFDP (World Fund for Development and Planning).

• We still Attracting more UK partners at the moment. Also has a lot of international relations with business schools in Switzerland and Denmark.

• Our goal is to help our students to be directed to the right progression routes that fit their professional and career needs.

• ECC seeking for providing high-quality educational services in the international educational system.

• ECC designed a challenging and thought-provoking MBA program to sharp your leadership acumen and give you the practical skills, theory and workplace understanding to progress your career.

• Our students are from Egypt and from all the Middle East states.

• ECC helps learners to enjoy the international standards more, with a plenty of self-confidence, knowledge and highly qualified skills which make it easier in understanding the global issues with a comprehensive view, leading to have the best work opportunities.

• From 2014, ECC improved the lives of 12,000 people around the world including short programs, diplomas in business education accredited from the top English and premium international awarding bodies:

Awards of Training and Higher Education (ATHE), Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) and EduQual. Also.

2,000 alumni of MBA and DBA international programs accredited from the International Business School of Scandinavia (IBSS), Swiss School of Business and Hospitality (SSBH), International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS) and Asia e-University (AeU).

• Our professors are highly qualified and have an international experience.

• Commitment to honor our work and achieve the highest quality results through the use of different capabilities and experiences of all team members.

• ECC use BLENDED LEARNING technique Adopting for the concept of learners goals and satisfaction.

• ECC provides great educational content Adopting for quality policy according to UK specifications.

All you need to change your future career is contacting Ecc and inquire more about our MBA program. By visiting our website through the link below.


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