welcome to ECCCEG

Our consultation service in ECC won’t only cover the task of giving the right, and effective timely consultations; but also, would start with the right analysis, and consultation. Followed by the proper coaching. We will lance the best calibers that can fit the above tasks through their talent, academic background, & field experience to give the most effective & economic service to our clients.

We Offer Everyone

  • MBA
  • Mini MBA
  • Marketing Management
  • Project Management Professional
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources Management

Our instructors are our most important and valuable asset. Their skills, knowledge, behavior and ability to communicate are the key to deliver “a better learning experience” for our customers.


Why It Works

We believe that the quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long term profitability of the business. If the firm hires and keeps good employees, it is a good policy to invest in the development of their skills, so they can increase their productivity. Training is often considered for new employees only. This is a mistake because ongoing training for current employees help them adjust to rapidly changing job requirements.

Is to deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants' on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organization.

A center where all served feel welcomed, respected, safe, and helped. A center where customers are assisted in reaching their full capacity to learn, love, work, connect, and give as responsible citizens of the world.

  • Integrity

    Active and consistent commitment to ethical behavior, honesty, and principle

  • Mutual Respect

    Recognizing the worth of individuals and their uniqueness, treating others with honor and esteem, and expanding the appreciation of multiple world views and global perspectives.

  • A Life of Learning

    Integrating evolving knowledge into practice through training, mentoring, and continuing education for ourselves and those we serve.

  • Collaboration

    Creating positive working relationships and open dialogue with others.

  • Quality Care

    Ongoing commitment to excellence in all we do.

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